Being thin means…

Being thin means…

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1.      Looking at two closely parked cars and not having to think whether I should attempt crossing from between them without getting stuck.

2. Entering an almost full lift without worrying about that embarrassing overload Beep Beep.

3. Having to resist the urge to go up to a stranger and ask him/her “Am I fat.” Only a stranger can actually tell whether you’re ‘thin’; everyone else will only tell whether you’re ‘thinner’, which doesn’t mean much.

4.      People not remembering me as “that plump woman” but as “that woman with a nice smile” or “the woman with twins” or even “the woman with the terrible twins”…

5. The sales girl glancing at me and saying, “Try ‘medium’ (please God.. not even ‘small’ just ‘medium’).

6.  Asking for a second helping without thinking that the hostess would be thinking.. “So that’s why she’s the way she is”.

7. And if I successfully block off the hostess, not having that image of the weighing machine popping into my head.

8.      Getting into a boat without the boatman changing the positions of everyone else.

9.      Not having people staring at me and asking , ‘Good news hai?’ only to have to shake my head in the negative.

10. Not looking for a place to hide at the kids’ friend’s birthday party when the MC invites mums to participate in a rope skipping contest. If you’re wondering why anyone would have such a contest I’ll say GMTA . I mean there are so many other things one can do at birthday parties. (The sad thing was .. Naisha wanted me to go and win so badly:(((().

Stumbled across this and thought.. how true.

Seriously this weightloss is turning into an obsession. I do need to stop….. not the weightloss.. the obsession.

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15 Replies to “Being thin means…”

  1. TTT: You too?

    Magiceye: Yes I will.. one day.

    Shruti: Banish the tears. We'll be thin one day.

    momofrs: Me too. The minute I stop obsessing I start eating.

    Amit: You said Lol to my sorry state of affairs? Bad.

    Mamta: Hmm.. food for thought… though I don't think I look scary.. comical more likely.

    Priya: trying…

    Sugeeth: Are you getting the salad then?

    Bikram: You're incorigible.

    Smitha: Those Kurtis are deadly. They NEVER tell you that you're putting on weight. Jeans and sari blouses are the best.

    Swapna: Aww… don't give up. Look at me.. at it jabse hosh sambhala hai.

    Arti: That's the only saving grace.

  2. Hahaha… Guess anything in excess is bad — be it food, weight or obsession! But then if I look at it from the other angle,there is some exception as well what with your humorous posts helping to put a smile on so many faces here? 😉 Now isn't laughter supposed to be 'the best' medicine? 🙂

  3. Been there, done that. These situations have now become a part and parcel of the life. Hope some day to achieve the "thin" tag. My hopes are not too high though.. 🙂

  4. LOL! I was living in blissful ignorance(thanks to not having a ful length mirror) and the fact that I am relying on loose fitting kurtis until my shipment comes in. Until, I saw a picture of mine. God, I've got to go and find a cave to hide in. I've put on so much! I so need to go on a diet and exercise – if only I stopped pushing it to the next day.

  5. Four easy steps to losing weight..

    1. Make awesome dishes in typical OM creative style.
    2. Drool over the dishes as much as you want.
    3. Invite your blog readers for lunch/dinner 😀
    4. You can have the salad.

  6. Laughed away at this piece!! You do exaggerated though:)Plus, it's not ALL bad! Think about the times when you gave the 'Dare you' or 'Panga Lega?'look to offensive folks and they cowed down, for, MIGHT IS after all, RIGHT;);)

  7. ROFLOL!!!!
    Goodness OM, you've just listed down what I face 😀
    Being 20kgs overweight myself, I can relate to EACH AND EVERY point out there!!
    Every time a sales girl looks at me, she says that I need XL and not L 🙁 🙁 🙁
    I think the obsession is needed, else we'll just become slack and pile on more weight 🙁

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