Of Best Friends and Heartbreak

Of Best Friends and Heartbreak

Hrit cried before he went to sleep today. Not wailed like a baby but cried softly like a grown up. It absolutely broke my heart. His best pal, Y, is moving. Yes, right he’s the one Hrit wanted to marry and live happily ever after with.

When Y’s mum first told me about the move I didn’t worry. He’s just a child, I’d thought, he’ll forget. But now, as the day of departure dawns, I find myself worried sick.

Hrit is not a gregarious child. He has always had just one friend. Each time we’ve moved he’s made a single friend and stuck with him. All his emotional ‘eggs’, he keeps in a single basket and I’m beggining to think that’s not such a good thing.

Digital bonding
Hrit and Y spend hours at the comp without a fight.. rare for any two kids and even more rare for two super active kids like these two. “They understand each other,” said Y’s mum laughingly one day. If Y gets upset Hrit runs after him calling him back.

Wired together
“Mama today Y and I said the same thing, together,” gushed Hrit one day. “Funny na?” “I think there’s a wire between us.. him and me,” said Hrit touching his heart. “Wire?” I queried taken aback. “Yes .. the kind that are at the back of the computer,” he clarified. Oh he knew exactly what he was saying. Never had I hear such a filmi line uttered with such innocence and such sincerity.

The FAQs
“Mama may I go to Y’s house/call Y over?” are Hrit’s most frequently asked questions. One day fed up with those two questions I said, “Fine, you go to Hyderabad with Y when he shifts,” and regretted it soon enough when after mulling it over Hrit queried back, “May I? Really?” Of late his question has changed to, “May I stay in Lucknow forever?” At least he has his cousins there. Then today it was back to, “May I go to Hyderabad?”

Each time I’ve tried to prepare Hrit for Y’s departure he has only said, “I know he’s going but when is he coming back?” I’ve chickened out of saying, “Never” sticking with, “after a long long time.”

As I write this, I’m hoping fervently and telling myself for the nth time, “He’s just a child he’ll forget.”

Afterthought: MM (Mushy Mum) says maybe that idea of  not letting kids make ‘best friends’ wasn’t so bad after all.

6 Replies to “Of Best Friends and Heartbreak”

  1. Oh.. it will be a bit hard for Hrit. Its harder for us moms to see them sad.. isnt it..
    I'm sure he'll be OK, esp since you are going away on a vacation. Hope he'll get through this one fine 🙂

  2. Emotional people tend to get too attached to a person, that they find it extremely hard when they lose them. Off course, its hard to explain this to a lil kid. But, since you have discovered a trait in your son, you can subtly attempt to put the message across to Hrit.

    Well, maybe for a change, Naisha can introduce Hrit to some of her female friends 😉 What say?

  3. I have been following ur blog but writing in for the 1st time. The post makes me sad for Hrit, he sure is going to miss his friend. I hope he finds a new friend soon, who stays with Hrit for a long period of time. 🙂

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