The results are out…

The results are out…

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Measurement time at the gym. It’s like an exam that I want to put away, always.
I’ve lost some weight I know … but they have something called the ‘body composition analysis’ which tells you whether you’re losing weight the right way.

So well.. I was okay on the weight loss front but along with the fat I’ve lost muscle mass … not good at all. It’s inevitable, say gym veterans. But I’m not too happy.. I really need to do this the proper, healthy way. So no more climbing mindlessly on that treadmill/cycle and staying there for ever. Less cardio more weights, pronounced the trainer. More proteins in my diet too. Soy Milk.. yuk plus I HATE weights.

Bone density is down too.. another no no… Calcium supplements on the way.

And the final verdict.. my metabolic age is 50 years… yikes. I need to get younger. But that’s the best part.. you can get younger… yay.

Last word: I’m behind my November target by a few 100 gms. Hope to make it up this month. Walk walk walk. .. eat right, eat right, eat right.

Last last word: Made laddoos today, Naisha’s farmaish. Imagine spending an hour rolling that ghee-sugar-steeped mixture into laddoos and NOT popping a single one in your mouth. Nope that’s not what I did… I did not ‘not pop’.

PS: Can’t get the ‘Kolaveri’ song out of my head. Heard it anyone?

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9 Replies to “The results are out…”

  1. proteins- eat a lot of pulses for breakfast. a bowl full of usal (maharashtrian sabji made from pulses) will also do the trick. It helped us a lot when the Boy and I were on a 'diet'. That's quoted because, we did not really eat less, on the contrary we did more, but we ate the right things. And it made a difference. So go girl. Two-three months of eating the right food and you'll happily post about how wonderful u feel. trust me 🙂

  2. Hey that's so brilliant.. great going!! The protein/weights/calcium is a pain but worth getting into a schedule early i guess so don't let it get you down. I'm still so behind on my fitness schedule it's not worth mentioning anymore :(.

    Kolaveri — was humming all of yesterday, was just on a break today and now you've reminded me – my household is not going to thank you 😉 !

  3. yay! every loss counts! 🙂 I'm just postponing n postponing while the kilos keep piling up.. i am scared to look at my own pics these days.
    n Kolaveri is damn addictive.. can't get it out of my head too

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