Mama or Tulika?

Mama or Tulika?

Here’s a conversation I had with Naisha:
Says she,” Mama when I grow up can I call you Tulika or will I have to still call you mama?”
“Well I am also growing up along with you. Even when you grow up I’ll be older than you so you’ll still have to call me mama,” I said. “But aap toh two times milk nahin drink karti hain toh aap kaise badi hongi? I will grow older than you,” comes her reply.
I’m now trying to get used to the idea of being on first names terms with my daughter… hmmmm.

2 Replies to “Mama or Tulika?”

  1. Ambika , really kids are so the same in many many ways. Welcome here and keep sharing the antics of your daughter. It's great to connect with other mums.

  2. Ha! My 5 yr old dzughter asked me the same question the other day- aai can I call you Ambika when I am in my 10th std! When I say I will grow older along with her, she says will you also grow tall !!

    And, before I forget to mention- your blog is toooooo good. I have just started reading it since a couple of days, and I can so much relate it to my own journey of motherhood 🙂
    Your kids arevery cute.. Na na nazar nahi lagegi 🙂 god bless them!


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