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Stressed out by technology

Stressed out by technology

The other day I went out for a spot of shopping. Since I’ve become a SAHM/WFHM going out is a bit of a treat. I look forward to it. So the plan was I’d finish the chores then sit at a cafe and watch the world over a cup pf coffee. The kids don’t get back home till 3 pm so I have plenty of time.
I left the house at about 11am. Half an hour later I realised I’d left my phone at home. And that was it. Just like that my trip was ruined. I rushed through the chores, getting impatient at slacking salesmen, worry clouding my mind.
What if something happens at the children’s school and they need to contact me?
What if the Husband calls?
What if my parents need me?
What if? What if? What if?
One part of my brain kept telling me I was being ridiculous, that nothing could go wrong in the space of two hours. And yet I couldn’t shake off the worry. The coffee, of course, was abandoned. I came home with a throbbing head only to find the phone lying innocently on my dresser with just the usual, inane, WhatsApp messages crowding it.
It might have something to do with the fact that the Husband is out of town. Being the sole person responsible for the kids makes me continuously anxious, perhaps. 
Or is it just that I am over-dependent on the phone? That I have fallen in the habit of checking it ever so often? That I need the content reassurance that all is well? I do know the kids are safe at school. How else would I let them spend the better part of their day there? That’s what the rational part of me tells me. And yet the worry doesn’t leave.
Our parents were happier ..
My sister and I went to a school some 10kms away, which by our small-town standards, was really really far. The bus stop was over a km away and we walked, on our own. We didn’t have a phone at home, not even a landline. My dad could be contacted in office of course, but that was it. And we survived.
The thought then was, ‘The girls are at school, what can happen?’ 
All I think now is. ‘So what if they are at school, anything can happen.’
That, when schools today are better equipped to handle emergencies, with full-fledged sick-bays and well trained staff.
Technology, I am sure was made to reassure us, instead it has made us so much more anxious. Maybe we simply need to put our phones away and learn to get used to it, to give up the urge to check them constantly, almost like we were expecting bad news.
Do you do this too? Do you check your phone often? Do you also feel insecure if you’re separated from it?
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A Happy Day

A Happy Day

The kids and I spent a happy-in-a-daze kind of day for reasons nothing if not simplistic.

For the kids it was their cycles. Their bicycles, that had been languishing for some two years, suddenly became their most prized possessions which they hadn’t been ‘able to ride’ only because we (The Husband and I) hadn’t got air filled in the tyres. The shop is a fair distance away, a tad too far for me to wheel the cycles over. All of last week the kids whined and whined and whined, what with them being home 24X7 (we’re still in the Diwali vacations.. sigh!). They drove me up the wall till I dreamt of carrying two cycles on my shoulders and flying like Hanuman to the repair shop.

Meanwhile The Husband was blissfully at work, coming home with barely any time to bear the brunt of the complaining. Then came the weekend and Hah he was so caught. The cycles were loaded in his car and dropped off. We decided to get tubeless tyres so no more filling air in the tyres. Monday went by in a fresh haze of whines. Yesterday, while the kids were at a birthday party The Husband came home gulped down his tea and rushed out to the cycle shop. This was unusual to say the least. tearing him away from the tele after work is … well it just doesn’t happen, ever.

Are you thinking he did it to put a smile on the kids’ faces? Wrong. It was pure, unadulterated fear. The fear of putting up with two whiny voices with the unlimited capacity to go on. “What if the shop shuts,” he said with a shudder before dashing out. By evening the cycles were home to the absolute thrill of the kids. They’ve been on them ever since.

Now for my story. Before I begin if you’re even mildly the tech savvy types look for the cross in the red box at the top right hand corner of the page, click it and begone. If you’re still here read on…

A man called Santosh called from airtel yesterday morning offering some kind of a plan. Normally I disconnect with a polite ‘thank you’ but yesterday he caught my attention. I then agreed to try the package. As a result I got the browser activated on my BB. Now I know that’s no big deal for most people. However, for me, each small step in the techworld is the biggest of achievements. I spent the day happily downloading/installing stuff.. all kinds of themes, ringtones,wallpapers, messengers.. the works. I found loads of freinds on whatsapp. Oh it’s so much fun.

I just hope I don’t run up a huge bill at the month end. In any case I’ve alerted The Husband to the possibility. What with his parents being here he’s sure to be in a frame of mind to overlook much of what I do. Yay!

That’s how two cycles and a browser-on-the-phone made for a very happy household. (If you think I left out The Husband.. wrong — when the kids and I are at peace — he’s a happy man.. so there)

Something totally unrelated to the above post… firstcry.com is stalking me. I swear they are. I ordered some stuff from them and they were good. Delivered the very next day and I put them high up on that pedestal which until now had just flipkart. Just as I was beginning to sing their praises to all and sundry I realised they were stalking me. Each time I log on there they are flashing all the products I looked at. I open blogger, they’re there. I comment on ANY blogpost there’s the ad at the bottom of the page. I go to facebook, they’re there. I open mail and there they are. They’re everywhere. If anyone knows how to stop this, help me please.

Leave me alone firstcry. I know where to find you. I’ll get there when I need you.

Other than that I’ve been pretty much enjoying netshopping. I’ll put up pictures of some of the stuff as it gets in.

Technology Troubles

Technology Troubles

What do you call a person who kills gadgets? You know how some people have a ‘black-thumb’ for plants? I wasn’t sure that was a valid word either, but it is. I checked. If you haven’t been to urbandictionary.com before, do check it out. It’s a delightful site.

But I digress.. like I was saying, I am that person for gadgets. The Shiva of gadgets, as it were.

One laptop, three cameras, an MP3 player, a desktop and countless countless phones have met a silent end over the last few years. I’m not even counting things like headphones and remotes. Oh and some time back I blew up the microwave by trying to boil an egg in it.

I am ably assisted by my bachchas, of course. Anything that I miss, they demolish with elan. The latest victim of my anti-technology rampage was my phone, yet again. I was in despair thinking I’d be saddled with The Husband’s age old stand by, which is a bit of a tragedy. Like my sister puts it… It’s just a phone.. no mail, no music, no browser. What’s more, every few hours it feels overworked hangs itself.

The Husband, as always, came to my rescue, turning generous when I least expect him to, and got me a new phone. A pink phone, to Naisha’s complete delight. And just as I was gushing out my thank yous he said, “Now don’t expect anything for your birthday.” A Husband can’t change his spots.

What was even better Naisha made me a phone holder..

It had to be pink to match my phone
and she demonstrates how it’s to be carried.


Love and understanding

Love and understanding

Love and understanding really are different things. Consider for instance what most men feel for their women. Love her he sure does, but understand her.. now that’s a struggle. And that’s quite how I feel for technology. I love technology.. I love the things it can do, the value it adds to my life, the happiness it brings… yet it’s ways remain a mystery. Fascinating, delightful and completely mysterious… that’s what technology is to me.
Each time I take a tiny step and manage to unravel a bit of it, a miracle unfolds.
A few days back by a happy accident I managed to plug in my pen drive to my television. (Oh alright.. The Husband did it after I’d had my fill of struggle). However, much as I fought, I couldn’t open the music files I wanted to. Frustrated, I dumped the remote on the sofa where the kids were engaged in a lively scuffle. As one of them landed bang on the remote a menu flashed on the screen. I grabbed it, tuned in and then boom.. I had all my favourite tracks playing away happily.
When it comes to technology I have always found myself struggling. There was the time when my Walkman refused to play. I took it to the repair shop only to find the batteries were upside down. That would have been dismissed as an oversight if I hadn’t done it two times in a row. Hit and trial worked a long time for me till my smart sibling told me there was a plus and a minus that one was supposed to watch out for. I still sometimes wonder, though,  why the signs must be hidden deep down inside.
Then there are cellphones. Each time I get a new one (which is pretty frequent what with the kids around) I have a fight on hand. When my trusted Nokia gave way a few months back, The Husband decided to upgrade me to a BlackBerry. What a pain that was, still is. The kids must have made umpteen calls to my friend ‘Aditi’ (because she was the first on the contact list) till the same smart sibling got herself a BB and told me how to lock the keypad. Oh now don’t tell me to read the manual.. it’s full of complicated diagrams and arrows with heavy jargon thrown in for good measure.
Isn’t it a wonder then that I’ve been on Blogger for so long? I’ve laboured around plenty in the dark world of backlinks and permalinks, labels, gadgets, templates…. Once I happened to click on the ‘Edit HTML’ option and then wondered for days where my editing menu had gone. I idly posted the query on Google Help and lo and behold I got an almost immediate reply. Someone actually figured out my error. Unbelievable, isn’t it? I never thought there were people sitting there waiting to help you out. Then there was the time I deleted a post and reposted it. At least two of my blogger friends knew I did that through some tracking system. Pretty unnerving to say the least. It’s like there are people sitting in my computer watching every thing I do.

By the way, in case I’ve given the impression of being computer illiterate let me clarify I’m not. I’ve been working on computers for over two and a half decades. Along with my editorial tasks at the newspaper I designed pages too and managed a fairly decent job. In fact I was better than most others, baring the designers of course. But put me on MSWord 2007 and I’m lost. The problem is with the new stuff.. and where there’s technology there’s always new stuff around.
Cookies, plugins, HTML, Java Script.. It’s like Greek and Latin. Sometimes I think I should seriously learn computers but which is the course I should be looking at???

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