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Chocolate spoons, cup cakes and a party

Chocolate spoons, cup cakes and a party

The drafts have been piling up, my comeback drafts, but I’ve been weirdly reluctant to press the “publish’ key. This post, however, just might get done. It’s a party post and I love party posts. Besides, a party is a good way to get back, right?The kids this time had their birthday in my hometown so missed out celebrating with their friends. The Husband told them to decide between one big gift each or another party with their friends – not a birthday party, mind you, just a party.

You should have seen them think and debate and argue back and forth. N wanted the party, H wanted the gift, we just wanted a consensus. Finally after much thought a party it was to be.

For long I’d wanted to separate the concepts of ‘party’ and ‘presents’. This party was to have no gifts and no return gifts either. For the record, I have a long lasting vendetta against return gifts and the mega avatar they’ve taken.

That decision being made the next thing was to convey it to the mums that this wasn’t a birthday party. It took a bit of convincing but they came around and did a pretty good job and the kids were primmed well. I just had a few queries of “Aunty where’s my return gift?”… far fewer than I expected.

I chose an invite off the Net and fiddled with it so it looked like this.. to make sure everyone got our message.

I did away with the cake and instead got cup cakes for everyone. We put on name flags to avoid fights over colour! Yeah we think of everything.

Another fun thing I’d been longing to try out were these chocolate spoons. The recipe I worked with was from here http://www.oneperfectdayblog.net/2012/09/12/how-to-make-chocolate-spoons/.
Since my spoons were plain white I dressed them up a bit with stripey glitter designs with 3-D paint. I loved the result.


All I had to do after that was melt some regular Dairy Milk chocolate on a double burner, pour it out on the spoons and decorate them with sprinkles (which I had ordered from gourmetco.in). Here’s what they finally turned out. Not as good as the ones in the original recipe but then I’m no cook. I do hope to do a neater job next time round.

The menu was simple, the music good and H set the mood with that notice!

The kids had a blast.

With twenty of them in our tiny living room, decibel levels climbed beyond decency. Even as I fretted over what the neighbours would have to say, The Husband slept.. yes slept through it all.

We really should have more of these!

Boo to the party planner

Boo to the party planner

I’m not a good party planner. Each time something comes up I think and plan and get all ambitious then it’s never quite as good as I’d intended it to be. The best parties I’ve ever had have been the ones I haven’t planned for. This was one such.

We’ve been shifting.. nothing big just next door, to a house that’s a mirror image of our old one. It’s quite funny actually and we keep reaching out for door handles on the wrong side and the rooms are just all topsy turvey … a bit like Alice stepping through the looking glass.

During the shifting I stumbled upon some last years’ party supplies. While I intended to reuse them The Husband, made me throw them out calling me a ‘hoarder of useless stuff’. However, to my secret delight, the kids retrieved all of it and decided to have a party.

I was just glad to have them out of the way and allowed them to have their party as long as they stayed in their room.

A flurry of calls on the intercom and Naisha’s friends trooped in ready for action. They got down to decorating their room while discussing what they should have the party for.

After a few hours, yes hours, of diligent decoration they decided they’d push the party to the evening. “Decoration takes soooo much time,” sighed one of the girls busily wiping sweat from her little forehead. They hung up streamers, decorated a table, did up the windows, blew balloons and even managed to fill one up with thermacol balls with no help from me. Oh these girls are veterans.

I had a plain chocolate cake which I decorated like this (from the momviews.com). Thanks Swapna. (https://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=513196348726532&set=a.490859950960172.104065.213652222014281&type=1&theater)

A bowl of chips and some juice and the menu was done. I really didn’t have time for anything fancy.

After much thought and discussion it was decided it would be a ‘my favourite toy birthday party’. Innovative isn’t it? Come evening they trooped in with their toys all dressed up for the occasion. They put on masks and caps,

burst balloons,

cut the cake,

and danced
and danced

and danced.
Check out the happy faces..

So next time I should remember to never plan a party.
They’re five

They’re five

I’ve been away too long. Meanwhile much has happened. But all of that can wait. First the most momentous event of them all …. the kids reached the ripe old age of five.
And we decided to have a party. For the first time ever we went in for the regular rigmarole complete with tattoo guy and magician.
First there was the guestlist
Most of the kids’ friends were still vacationing including Hrit’s favourite buddy. After a careful tally he realised there were very few boys and was terribly upset because the ‘boys’ team was smaller than the ‘girls’ team.

However that did not deter him from distributing invites with abandon, even to girls and also to girls he didn’t know the names of. Along with the invites he gave clear instructions that they were supposed to carry gifts for ‘me and my sister’. I swear I never taught him any of that. Mercifully the absentees balanced out the new invitees.

.. then the big question “What should they wear?”
We found Naisha her dream dress.. a pretty pink party thing she fell in love with at first sight. She preened till I lost patience and locked it away. (Thankfully she didn’t bring up the question of the Chaniya Choli). Hrit’s clothes took forever but finally got sorted.

Less than a week before the party Hrit decided he wanted to be a ‘hair cutter’ when he grew up. And what better place to hone his skills than his own head? Two days in a row he chopped off his hair — once near the parting and then right above his forehead. The hairdresser I took him to refused repair work advising me to simply cover up the patches with what was left of his hair… and that was that.

Then there was the question of the venue
The house was ruled out. (The cooking I might have managed but the post party cleanup… yikes no). After much deliberation and checking and rechecking that the monsoon hadn’t progressed beyond Kerala we decided to have the party in a semi open space at a neighbourhood restaurant.

D – day dawned..
.. sunnily enough. But we’d tempted the Gods and they didn’t disappoint. They made sure the monsoon hopped skipped and jumped to our city and opened up the skies precisely half an hour before the party.

We had to settle for a tiny room in the same restaurant. It was a bit of a crush…. but the kids didn’t notice.

The decoration guys had to give up half way through and hastily put up some balloons at the new venue… and that was all the kids seemed to want.
The husband was called upon to ferry the guests to and from the venue…. which meant the party started and ended bang on time.
I tried to dress up for the occasion too. While I stuck to my jeans I ditched my trustee canvas shoes for a pair of heels and also, a first, I got my hair done. The rain however banished both my vanities in a moment. The downpour flattened my hair in a jiffy and as I waded through the overflowing drains the sandals gave way.. so it was back to the trustee shoes. I ended up as the most relaxed though dishevelled hostess.
With the sister and and SIL by my side (Couldn’t have done it without them) we managed to pull it off. We had fun as did the kids. They sat through the magic show, got all excited at the pigeons the magician conjured up, played Queen of Sheeba with gusto and burst balloons with a vengeance.

Learnings for next year

1. Kids do NOT need fancy venues.
2. Kids do NOT care for decoration as long as it is fun to destroy.
3. Kids can dance to ANY music.
4. Kids can eat ANY food as long as it’s not spicy.

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