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Dancing shoes for everyone please!

Dancing shoes for everyone please!

Last year, much against our wishes, we bought H a Play Station (after daring him to an almost impossibly consistent score in his spelling tests which he went to achieve, to our complete shock).

With strict rules in place – that he’d play only on weekends and only within specified time slots and not at the cost of outdoor play or studies – we left him to it. However we still weren’t too happy with the games he played. He enjoyed some WWE kind of fight moves, which he proceeded to try out on N.

A friend

Then H found a new friend, A, with an X Box and a passion for dancing and he got hooked. They’d spend hours together before his XBox copying the moves.

During Christmas…

..holidays we had a family get together. With the oldest cousin at 15 years and the twins at 8, they found they had little in common. There were days when we stumbled upon them all sitting together busy with tabs, computers, iPods and the television with zero interaction among themselves. 

The sight was depressing to say the least. 
Come New Years Eve we decided to have a ‘talent show’. And H showcased his dancing skills. He’s quite bad actually, but hours of practice, simple steps and groovy music made the difference and before we knew it all the kids had joined in one by one and were dancing together.

And then they were dancing

Since then the PS3 has been put to such good use. What’s more, you don’t even need a PS3 or an XBox. Our oldest one, the family techie, hooked up the laptop to the television, tuned into YouTube and the kids had a wealth of dance videos to follow. It was such happiness to watch them – the good and the bad, the shy and the uncoordinated … all together. Once H’s glasses went flying off but he didn’t pause to pick them up continuing to squint at the screen yet dancing away. What a sight it was!

We were pretty happy because…

The kids were all having fun in a good, healthy way.
They kept busy.
They had some great exercise.
They kept away from tabs and laptops.
And they bonded.. Wonderfully.

If you’re fed up of your children playing mindless games on the PS3 or the XBox try getting them a dance CD. Or simply switch on to Youtube.

What’s more you can join in too, even if you have two left feet. If an uncoordinated 8 year old can do it, well so can you. And if you’re still feeling self-conscious check out their video – No, don’t watch it, just listen to the music and the laughs.

You can check out the original video they are trying to copy.

Meet Shadow!

Meet Shadow!

It’s Day 4 at the Marathon Bloggers week-long fun Feb Challenge ‘A story for every picture, a picture for every story”. 

Today’s prompt is ‘Shadows’. 

However, I am taking the liberty of talking about just one Shadow today, bear with me please.

I might not be much of an animal lover but I come from a family that’s teeming with dog and cat crazy people. People who think their families are incomplete without their pets. You know the type, don’t you? They ..
..flood FB with doggy quotes and pictures.
..allow pets the run of the place.. even on their beds and in their quilts.
..love being licked all over (Yikes!).
..call home scores of time during vacations to ask “Did he eat?” “Is he missing us?” *Eye roll*
..suffix their surnames to the dog’s and insist on addressing him/her as “my baby”!!

You get the drift?

So how do dogs fit the bill for today’s prompt?? Well, for one because they do shadow their owners. My SIL’s pug, for instance, hates being tied up in a separate room when we go visiting (only because I do not gladly offer my feet for a thorough lick). He scratches the door till I feel he’ll break it down.

And secondly because the one dog I’m going to introduce to you guys is called just that. 

Meet Shadow!

Shadow has the fiercest bark and looks as ferocious as they come. But that’s where it ends.. the fierceness! He’s the gentlest soul ever. I am a non-believer remember, so hear out how I got convinced.

He’s gentle to a fault

When my nephew, Y, was a toddler he loved to play with Shadow’s claws, which must have been pretty painful for him (imagine someone trying to tug out your nails) but did he express his displeasure/discomfort? Nope. He would simply back off when he’d see my nephew approaching and would finally find sanctuary under the bed!

O he is possessive! 

Once my sister pretended to whack Y. In a trice Shadow was on the bed with my sister’s hand in his mouth. No biting, mind you.. but boy! was it scary. This for a boy who was trying to pull out his claws! And from a dog who’s by nature as scared as a mouse.

But he’s a scaredy cat

Sample this: He runs out onto the road barking aggressively.. a cow nearby lifts her head.. just lifts her head and he’s back in the house.. tail between his legs!

.. and he’s the baby of the house

My favourite however is how he’d fed. His food is put in his plate and he’s called out ‘Shadow, come for your dinner or Y will eat up your food.” Then my nephew, now 7, runs to his plate and pretends to ‘eat’ his food and Shadow appears magically to claim his plate. This ritual is repeated every single day. Crazy or what??? And I thought we did this only with kids!! Don’t believe me.. look at the picture above – it’s feeding time.
Yeah sometimes, just sometimes, I think dogs might be cute.
Among the clouds

Among the clouds

Today we, at Marathon Bloggers, kick off a week of picture prompts

‘a story for every picture, a picture for every story’ 

Today’s prompt – ‘Fly’
Going literally with ‘flying’, here’s my entry. 
That’s as close as I’ve ever come to flying. We were on a family vacation to Dapoli – 13 of us. We’d hired this huge bus so we could all travel together. I remember thinking what an unlucky number we were. However it turned out to be a fantastic holiday and remains a benchmark for all of us. Each time we plan a holiday it’s like, “As good as Dapoli” or “Dalpoli was more fun”.
I’m not sure what made me let myself get strapped to that contraption. I’m absolutely not an adventurous soul — the typically safe and conservative Capricorn. That day I agreed, I still wonder why. The trip into the clouds lasted barely minutes and everyone else came down complaining how ‘tame’ it was. My 7-year old nephew was gravely upset because he wasn’t allowed to go. Anyhow, I rose in my estimation that day and thought no end of myself for having dared to do it.
So there.. that’s the story for that picture. Aren’t those rippled clouds beautiful? 
What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Here’s the first post of the year!

Here’s the first post of the year!

This New Year’s Eve was the most special ever – the first spent with family – with so many of our family. That night all of us were more than a bit drunk – some on alcohol, some on pure fun. And in that happy haze, amidst the chatter and the laughter, cheered on by each other we all made resolutions – wrote them down and signed them for good measure. About a third of them are to do with weightloss, two are would be marathoners, a budding author, a wannabe swimmer and from the kids.. the promise to do well at school!

Almost a week later, everyone has gone.. Cousins, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts – back to their homes, jobs, schools. That night already seems so far away. Which is why I need to reiterate my resolutions.

Two of them stand out – Weightloss and writing. Mercifully both are things I’ve been doing for a long time and can be reasonably good at provided I put my mind to it – and that precisely is where the catch lies – ‘Putting my mind to it’. 

And so the biggest resolution of the year for me – I will put my mind to whatever I do. You can help guys.. push me, pull me up.. keep visiting. Your presence here is a reminder of all that I’ve set out to do.

Wishing you all a very very happy new year.

Linking to Write Tribe.

In the New Year

In the New Year

Aren’t accidents things that happen to others? Well yes.. Until they happen to you. We were on our way back from a wonderful holiday in Goa (where I also turned a year older but birthday posts do not come easily to me so this bit of information has to suffice) and it happened to us.

We were travelling in a convoy chatting.. calling, whatsapping.. 12 of us split into three cars. The road is twisting and narrow so we are driving at a careful pace. The Husband being the most careful brought up the rear. One minute we were joking and the next we see a car coming right at us at an alarming angle in a bid to overtake another one. ‘Gosh it’s sooo close’ was my thought before it crashed.. right into us. I barely registered the noise as the air bags sprung out. My first thought was my sister who was in the back seat with my daughter, N. They were thrown right out of their seats. 

It seems like a miracle that we are all fine, in both cars, other than some bruises and muscle pulls. The Husband couldn’t get out because the door was stuck. N was a mass nerves and had a small fainting spell and that was as far as the damage went. The cars are however in a bad shape.

What happened was scary. The ‘What If’s’ were way more scary. What if my sister hadn’t been with N to break her fall? What if we had been pushed off the road to a fall along the mountainside? What if we hadn’t worn our seatbelts? On and on…

As I sneak away from the family (who are all writing down their New Year resolutions complete with signatures) to quickly type this last post completing my hundred for the year, I have plenty to be thankful for. 

This laughter, this togetherness is the only gift I want to take with me as I enter 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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