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The heart-throb

The heart-throb

One look at him and the years melted. She was a teenager again. The smile that made her heart beat, eyes that looked into her soul, the look that made her feel beautiful. Two decades and nothing had changed! Her hands shook as she extended them.

‘May I have your autograph please,’ she asked shyly. 

And with that we come to the end of the week-long Marathon Bloggers Drabble Fest. The topic for today’s 55er was ‘Her hands shook’.



She watched the busy birds as they flew to and fro building their nest. ‘They will have babies soon’, she mused. ‘And I never will,’ crept in the thought unwillingly. It was weeks since she’d lost her unborn child and the hope of ever having one. Days passed but she stayed in bed feeling drained. Drained of energy and emotion, she lay watching that nest, staring with unseeing eyes.
One morning she woke up to the lively ‘cheep cheep’ of tiny birds. And then suddenly it moved.. that lump in heart. ‘Let’s adopt a baby’, she said to her husband.

It’s Day 6 of the Marathon Bloggers Drabble Week and the topic for the 100 word drabble is Suddenly it moved..

The challenge

The challenge

The prospect of the challenge excited her. She had dreamt about it for days and she was prepared. She would be pitted against vicious veterans, she knew that.  But then, she was no amateur herself. If they were the best, she was better. She sat, all senses heightened, sharpening her claws.

It was Sale season!

 It’s day 5 at the Marathon Bloggers Drabble Week and today’s topic was ‘Claws’
The dream

The dream

She had dreamt of this day for months, slogging away long hours towards its fulfilment. Delicate beads of sweat jumped up on her forehead. She held her breath till her face reddened and then in one determined sweep she pulled up the zipper of the sheer silver sheath. Finally, her sartorial dream had come true.

Written for the Marathon Bloggers Drabble week Challenge for the topic ‘Her face reddened’.

I am a Dog

I am a Dog

I am a DOG. I am not a toy. I’m not a doll. I am not a clown. I’m NOT human and I’m not vain.
I value my comfort and freedom. I walk happiest on four feet. I hate it when I cannot wag my tail for someone I love, when I cannot bound up happily to lick his face, when that darned ‘dress’ threatens to trip me up each time I run. I do not feel cute. I feel hampered and uncomfortable and ridiculously silly.

Save the vanities for you and your kind. Leave me a cheerful scruffy frump.

Just before the day ends here’s my 100 word drabble for day 3 of the Marathon Bloggers Drabble week. Today’s topic is If I were an animal.

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