#Make it happen

#Make it happen

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After a gruelling 16 hour work day she’s packing up. She’s thinking…. cab, home, food, TV, sleep.

She glances at the time – an hour to go for midnight. Nope, no
cab, not safe. The local, it has to be.
She asks for a ride to the station. The ladies’ compartment
looks invitingly empty. Too empty, she thinks.
She heads to the general compartment. She walks in braving
the ‘looks’, ignoring the deliberate brush of bodies against her tired back.
She’s exhausted but she doesn’t forget to keep a hand out near her chest, ready
to ward of groping hands.
She finds a window seat, sinks down, puts her laptop bag on
the other side then shuts her eyes and tries to relax, her senses on a semi
alert. She feels someone’s eyes on her,
snaps open her eyes and sits up straight settling her jacket.  It’s that man across the aisle. She gives him
a dagger look, settles her jacket once again and awaits her station.
She gets off. It’s a short ride home but her watch is
inching towards the midnight hour and she’s nervous. She catches an auto and
gets in pretending to chat away with a friend on her phone, faking a carefree
attitude she’s far from feeling. Ten minutes later, she’s home having spent an hour
and a half on a stressful journey she could have done comfortably in 45
She peeks in at her kids and husband sleeping peacefully. Changes,
serves herself, puts away the food. Thinks of switching on the tele then
chooses to crash.
Tomorrow is another day.

After a grueling 16 hour work day he’s packing up. He’s thinking…. Cab, Home, Food, TV, Sleep.

And so he catches a cab, gets home, peeks in at the sleeping
wife and kids, eats and settles before the TV till he crashes out.
The man who ‘does not notice’
The woman who doesn’t protest
The teens who ‘tease’ a girl on the street
The woman who is too scared to step out at night
The man who sees but lets it pass
The aunty who holds the girl in jeans responsible
Take notice, protest, step out, speak up, trust, support.
Only together can we make an equal world.
Together we can #MakeItHappen.

On Women’s Day let’s get together to #MakeItHappen at Blog-A-Rhythm.

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30 Replies to “#Make it happen”

  1. Excellent post , which shows the difference between a woman's life and that of a man. Women's day is a great necessity. When will the world and religions see that women are very valuable. Besides we are 50 percent of humanity.
    Wil, ABCW

  2. I loved how you wrote it- contrasting the 2 situations. This is a journey that a lot of us have been through. The unfortunate reality of our times. However, I am positive that this will change and soon enough. Like you said *Only together can we make an equal world. And we will #MakeItHappen 🙂

  3. A reality that is true and real for many, too many women. Wish it weren't so. That day will come….hopefully soon. Change is happening, sometimes it is too slow to be seen, but it surely is coming. I can feel it.

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