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Report from the sick bed

Report from the sick bed

After six days of illness.. Hrit is off to school today. Cough, cold then high fever, then ear infection and finally an upset stomach courtesy the antibiotics … that’s the way things go with Hrit each time. What’s worse between bouts of fever he is completely well. The challenge is to occupy him without tiring him out and that is a true challenge for an up and about child like him. The options are limited…..Reading, playing board games, crafting or watching television. Over the last few days we exhausted pretty much each of them.

He read and I read. From Dora to Dinosaurs.. we did them all. He watched hours of Doremon and Ninja Hatori till my ears protested. And we did craft. But that’s another post. So bored was Hrit that the other day I found him at our ninth floor balcony addressing an imaginary gathering in chaste Hindi. He said in a booming voice, “Aap sab log dhyan se suniye. Kal raat ek bahut bara bhoot aane wala hai. Main use maroonga. Aur koi ghar se bahar nahin aayega. Jo ayega mara jayega.”

Friends, Romans, Countrymen….

Yes well kids are allowed to do strange things when they’re unwell.

With all our attention focused on Hrit, Naisha’s been feeling left out. She fussed around Hrit alright.. getting him water, fetching his medicine, putting his dinner plate in the sink. She’s been a good good girl. However she made sure I ran all her errands for her. I had put away her dinner plate, help her get dressed and when she went down to play I had to follow with her bottle of water — a kind of ‘I”m not relinquishing claim to mum just because you’re ill’ thing.

I did the best I could … relaxing the rules for her each morning.. the toughest time of the day for her, going to school alone. So the glass of milk was smaller, the daily egg relegated to alternate days and she was given a ride to the washroom each morning… sigh! I wish I had some way of reassuring her that I loved her just as much as Hrit. And I’m so very glad she’s spared the frequent viruses that seem to stalk him all the while.

Krishna.. the best friend

Krishna.. the best friend

I’ve often mentioned how Naisha loves Krishna.. Lord Krishna. She’s been enamoured of him for ages now. She loves all things ‘Krishna’. She draws Him all the time. She loves butter ‘just like Him’. She loves peacock feathers. He topped her list of five favourite things at school. Thanks to her we celebrate Janamashtami with great fervour.

Her favourite game involves hanging up dupattas to make a ‘temple’ and then lining up her barbies like devotees. I wonder whether Krishna would like his modern-day gopis.

That’s under our clothes’ stand

She shares her glares with Him.

He reciprocates by holding her bag when she needs Him to.

It’s quite a bond they have.

I’m not complaining. I’d much rather she be God-loving than God-fearing. Besides, her Krishna love’s stood her in good stead. He’s the one I remind her to call on to fight the imaginary demons under her bed at night or to ease her stage fright or when she’s unwell and hurting. He helps.

The other day she heard about Mira and wanted me to tell her the story. As I ended she asked, “Did Mira get to see Him.. really see him?” “Yes,” said an unsuspecting me and she burst into tears. Says she, “I also love him but I never get to see Him and Mira could. That’s not fair.” That was a tough one to handle.

The other day I found an old T shirt of hers ….

…. and gave it a face lift with her favourite motif.

Was she thrilled!

A budding reader and a know-it-all

A budding reader and a know-it-all

Open house day at school is always an eye opener. Sitting across the table with the teachers each time we wonder, “Are we talking about the same child?” This year was no different.

Naisha got a relatively clean chit. She just needs some help with reading and spellings. That is pretty much down my alley. We went out and bought some new books (even though there’s a host of them at home) because we have a rule here, “koi bhi shubh kaam ke pehele paise kharch karne chahiye, kaam achchha hota hai“. And so Naisha’s reading me a Dora story bit by very small bit every day. I don’t want to push her and put her off reading completely so we’re going at her pace.

How else can I help her? Any suggestions?

Next stop.. Hrit. On a positive note his mirror image writing is almost gone… just a bit of b and d remain to be sorted. Thank the Lord.

Now for the not so good. Apparently Hrit suffers from the ‘I-know-everything’ syndrome. For instance, even if the teacher tells him a spelling he likes to go with his own version, based strictly on phonetics. The dear boy has no clue about the vagaries of the English language. He refuses to listen to the teacher following his own pace, preferring to be ahead of the class. If everyone’s supposed to do two pages, he likes to do four… even if they haven’t been taught, even if he’s not clear how they’re supposed to be done. He’s a man in a hurry. And if his neighbour is ahead of him.. he pretty much freaks out.. right or wrong.. he needs to finish before everyone else in class. Man in a hurry, for sure.

I have been talking to him about the advantages of listening, of being right rather than being first. However, I suspect I’m not doing a very good job because he came home today, yet again, with his homework all done.. done pretty shabbily but done nonetheless.

This is something I’m not sure I know how to handle. Suggestions?


That could be me

The other day we got talking about newspapers and I told the kids I used to work with one long long ago. I reminisced about the night shifts and coming home in the early hours of the morning. Naisha nodded very sagely and said, “Yes mama you must have had to wake up very early to deliver papers to so many houses.”

Nothing like kids to keep you grounded.
Happy Vijayadashami

Happy Vijayadashami

Celebrating the victory of good over evil
Hrit’s the artist here…

… and this is Naisha’s.
I was wondering why Ram would wink at Ravana just before killing him.
But apparently he’s taking aim.

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