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The tooth story

The tooth story

When the first tooth fell, in our house, it was a tough call to decide who was more excited – the kids or Mushy Mum (MM). The tooth fairy was excited too, it would seem, and overdid the gifting thing a bit, or so Sane Mum (SM) thought.In order to put things in perspective and undo the damage, SM took great pains to explain to the kids that it was only the falling of the first tooth that was an important landmark and that for subsequent teeth the excitement (read gift) would be significantly lower.

But who’s to stop the kids’ from hoping?

Each time a tooth fell it was washed and cleaned with immense care and placed under the pillow. However under SM’s hawk eye the tooth fairy wasn’t allowed to go overboard. Were the kids disappointed? Nope. They were thrilled that the tooth fairy kept making an appearance. Soon cards were accompanying each tooth under the pillow.

Then N got two of her teeth extracted at one go (because the new ones had already come and the milk teeth refused to fall). That was some ordeal. SM gritted her teeth through it all. MM cried buckets along with N and swore she saw a tear glint in SM’s eye too. Desperate to make the tears stop MM once again handed out the tooth fairy sop telling N to expect a BIG gift because she’d been so brave. A disapproving SM could only look on. N drafted a card for the tooth fairy…

Then recently H lost another one. He lovingly placed it under his pillow along with a letter.

Early next morning he lifted the pillow … to find the tooth still there.

The tooth fairy forgot!

Apparently, even MM forgot to nudge her into action. After a long and complicated story of busy fairies the tooth was placed under the pillow yet again the next night. Kids don’t give up easily you see. And would you believe it, the tooth fairy forgot… again!!

Now this was unforgivable. Even SM felt a twinge at Hrit’s disappointed face. “Why isn’t she coming?” he asked. “I didn’t want anything from her this time”. When the ever sceptical SM opened his letter here’s what it said….


Just a bit of background.. this year we celebrated the twins’ birthday with both sets of grandparents and a plethora of uncles, aunts and cousins. SM knew everyone would be asking them “what do you want for your birthday”. To ensure they don’t get swept away by this deluge of indulgent relatives she, partly seriously and partly for fun taught them to say “I don’t want anything, I just want your blessing.” It ended up as a family joke with the grandparents making them say it over and over again and rolling with laughter when they obliged, folded hands et al.

Never knew it would surface months later in a letter to the tooth fairy.

In Goa

In Goa

While in Goa…
Naisha: Mama may I have bread-Nutella for breakfast?
Me: Yes
Naisha: May I have just one slice?
Me: Yes
Naisha: May I have breakfast with TV?
Me: Yes
Naisha : Why are you saying ‘Yes’ to everything?

And so in Goa I turned from a mean mum (In case you’re wondering what a true blue mean mum is go here) to a cool one. But aren’t holidays about breaking rules?

Coffee (their first) on the couch with Doremon
Pepsi, Sprite and Iced Tea … to their hearts’ content.
Of course they asked to share my mocktails without fail and ended up
finishing it, happily abandoning their drinks proving
yet again that their soft drink hankering is only because it’s such a ‘no’.

Getting wet in the rain… such a NO on school days!

Maggi for dinner
Rainbow in a box

Rainbow in a box

A few years back during the monsoons, Naisha discovered the magic of rainbows on the ground. Even as I struggled withe the science of oil and water and sunlight she was barely listening dancing excitedly around the miraculous sight. Now, two years later, the thrill hasn’t faded. As the kids make their way to the bus stop, jumping over puddles, they just have to linger around those rainbows, oblivious to the arrival (or departure) of the bus.

Then one day I found Naisha in the washroom pouring hair oil in a box full of water. Even as annoyance bubbled up her teary face stopped me. “Mama I’m trying to put a rainbow in this box for you but it just won’t come,” said she.

And then it was time for a hug.

Waiting for Krishna

Waiting for Krishna

A very very Happy Janamashtami everyone.

If you’ve been around here you’ll know that Naisha has a very soft spot for the blue God. If you haven’t, well you can read about it here and here. It was she who made sure we celebrate Janamashtami with great fervour. Not that there’s anything to not like in Krishna. Who wouldn’t love a God who’s as human as one can be?

This year we planned to make a jhanki – one of my favourite traditions from Lucknow where we’d go to see jhankis on Janamashtami night. Some of the professional ones would be gorgeous with real water flowing and idols moving around. It was one of the few nights we would stay up till late. This was also one of the first fasts I ever tried only because it was simple enough to keep – you could eat so many many goodies – yet had the thrill of being ‘really hard’ because you got to eat only after Krishna’s birth at midnight.

This year we’d planned on making a scene from Vrindavan since I wanted to keep it easy. It turned out great fun. The kids launched off with great enthu.. collecting twigs, painting them and sticking on the leaves. They made play dough gopis and enthusiastically offered up their all their toys.

And so here it is.
That’s the backdrop. It is inspired by Shruti’s craft you can check it out here. Thanks Shruti :-).

That’s the bottom half….
The the Yamuna flows bright blue while Krishna plays the flute.
And then we decided to do another one only because my SIL got me this ‘jhula’ and it was too cute to not use. I couldn’t resist putting it up.
A Krishna on the swing, a peacock feather tucked in, a Yashoda put in and we were done.
That’s what he looks like up close
and that’s my Yashoda.

Looking forward  to fun times this evening when Naisha’s gang of girls comes in all dressed up. So how was your Janamashtami folks?

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