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The tooth story

The tooth story

When the first tooth fell, in our house, it was a tough call to decide who was more excited – the kids or Mushy Mum (MM). The tooth fairy was excited too, it would seem, and overdid the gifting thing a bit, or so Sane Mum (SM) thought.In order to put things in perspective and undo the damage, SM took great pains to explain to the kids that it was only the falling of the first tooth that was an important landmark and that for subsequent teeth the excitement (read gift) would be significantly lower.

But who’s to stop the kids’ from hoping?

Each time a tooth fell it was washed and cleaned with immense care and placed under the pillow. However under SM’s hawk eye the tooth fairy wasn’t allowed to go overboard. Were the kids disappointed? Nope. They were thrilled that the tooth fairy kept making an appearance. Soon cards were accompanying each tooth under the pillow.

Then N got two of her teeth extracted at one go (because the new ones had already come and the milk teeth refused to fall). That was some ordeal. SM gritted her teeth through it all. MM cried buckets along with N and swore she saw a tear glint in SM’s eye too. Desperate to make the tears stop MM once again handed out the tooth fairy sop telling N to expect a BIG gift because she’d been so brave. A disapproving SM could only look on. N drafted a card for the tooth fairy…

Then recently H lost another one. He lovingly placed it under his pillow along with a letter.

Early next morning he lifted the pillow … to find the tooth still there.

The tooth fairy forgot!

Apparently, even MM forgot to nudge her into action. After a long and complicated story of busy fairies the tooth was placed under the pillow yet again the next night. Kids don’t give up easily you see. And would you believe it, the tooth fairy forgot… again!!

Now this was unforgivable. Even SM felt a twinge at Hrit’s disappointed face. “Why isn’t she coming?” he asked. “I didn’t want anything from her this time”. When the ever sceptical SM opened his letter here’s what it said….


Just a bit of background.. this year we celebrated the twins’ birthday with both sets of grandparents and a plethora of uncles, aunts and cousins. SM knew everyone would be asking them “what do you want for your birthday”. To ensure they don’t get swept away by this deluge of indulgent relatives she, partly seriously and partly for fun taught them to say “I don’t want anything, I just want your blessing.” It ended up as a family joke with the grandparents making them say it over and over again and rolling with laughter when they obliged, folded hands et al.

Never knew it would surface months later in a letter to the tooth fairy.

Cooking isn’t math

Cooking isn’t math

H learnt an important gourmet lesson today: Cooking is not math. Simply put.. If you mix together 5 delicious ingredients you might not get something five times as delicious as the individuals.I love the fact that he likes to ‘make things in the kitchen’. I’ve scoured the Net hunting recipes for him. I’ve not minded clearing up after him and I’ve struggled to help him set right his disasters so he doesn’t get disheartened. I’ve even been fine with him turning experimental and creating recipes. The problem arises when he wants me to sample his creations.

This is what he put together today…

A glass of water
One tspn of Glucon D nimbu pani
One tspn nutella
A pinch of baking soda (he thought it was black salt because I changed the container)
One tspn honey

“I made it for you,” said he as he held out a glass for me with that shy smile he brings out when he knows he’s done something that’ll make me happy.
How could I say no?
And so I took a sip.
“How is it?” he asked eagerly. “You know, I added Nutella so it’s all chocolatey,” said he, eyes shining.
“Hmmmm… it’s nice,” said I. “It would be better if you put in some more nimbu pani powder,” I told him, hoping it would mask the nutella completely.
He took a sip, then asked, “Should I add some Horlicks, instead?”

He likes his drink chocolatey.
“Horlicks doesn’t mix in cold water,” said I, “Besides, it tastes best with milk.”
“Well then we’ll add some milk to the nimbu paani and then the Horlicks.”
He really can argue.
“Milk and lemons don’t mix too well,” I told him.

Mercifully, he took my word for it and I got to savour a glass of nimbu paani with a hint of chocolate.

The holidays have begun.

Dinosaurs, Dragons and suchlike

Dinosaurs, Dragons and suchlike

This is definitely not the first from-the-sick-bed craft post. I find making something is a great way to take Hrit’s mind off his troubles. To cheer him up what else would we try but dinosaurs. .. something basic and easy.

We got an Amul Cool can and cut out the top. This was a bit tough the first time round, then I got the hang of it. With a knife and hammer I managed to get the top off. If any of you knows a simpler way please do share it.

We covered it with green glaze paper.

Since it was to be a Stegosaurus we cut out the spines from card paper…

 .. Hrit stuck them on.

 Then the tail.. a curved one with zig zag edges.

Stuck that on too.

Then came the face,.. a simple oval, with googly eyes and a big smile.

We gave it a pair of feet, then stuck on some rounds of golden paper (which Hrit insists on calling ‘yellow ochre’ for some reason) and finally smaller drops with paint and it was done. As a bonus it holds pens and pencils too.

Hrit wasn’t entirely satisfied because the Stego didn’t look scary at all so next we did a dragon, a scary one. The face, the wings and legs came out of red card paper. We cut out a zigzag from white paper and stuck it on for ‘teeth’.

We even did a tail with a pompom at the end ‘with which it could hit out at its ‘enemies’.

After everything was stuck on it looked quite nice.

There they are.. the two of them.
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Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs are Hrit’s pet passion and last summer we made this Jurassic Park model. He sat at it for hours fixing the dinosaurs and when he realised it was taking too much time he distributed them to each member of the family. He come by every few minutes asking.. is it done?.. till everyone had to drop whatever they were doing and finish his task. Talk about persistence!
Finally it was done.
He loved it so much that later we made a ‘Jungle’ that had penguins rubbing shoulders with giraffes and deer cohabitating with lions. This time he managed to complete it almost by himself. Some animals lost their tails or a limb or two during the process but no one was complaining.
That’s my ‘J’ for the week at ABC Wednesday

Report from the sick bed

Report from the sick bed

After six days of illness.. Hrit is off to school today. Cough, cold then high fever, then ear infection and finally an upset stomach courtesy the antibiotics … that’s the way things go with Hrit each time. What’s worse between bouts of fever he is completely well. The challenge is to occupy him without tiring him out and that is a true challenge for an up and about child like him. The options are limited…..Reading, playing board games, crafting or watching television. Over the last few days we exhausted pretty much each of them.

He read and I read. From Dora to Dinosaurs.. we did them all. He watched hours of Doremon and Ninja Hatori till my ears protested. And we did craft. But that’s another post. So bored was Hrit that the other day I found him at our ninth floor balcony addressing an imaginary gathering in chaste Hindi. He said in a booming voice, “Aap sab log dhyan se suniye. Kal raat ek bahut bara bhoot aane wala hai. Main use maroonga. Aur koi ghar se bahar nahin aayega. Jo ayega mara jayega.”

Friends, Romans, Countrymen….

Yes well kids are allowed to do strange things when they’re unwell.

With all our attention focused on Hrit, Naisha’s been feeling left out. She fussed around Hrit alright.. getting him water, fetching his medicine, putting his dinner plate in the sink. She’s been a good good girl. However she made sure I ran all her errands for her. I had put away her dinner plate, help her get dressed and when she went down to play I had to follow with her bottle of water — a kind of ‘I”m not relinquishing claim to mum just because you’re ill’ thing.

I did the best I could … relaxing the rules for her each morning.. the toughest time of the day for her, going to school alone. So the glass of milk was smaller, the daily egg relegated to alternate days and she was given a ride to the washroom each morning… sigh! I wish I had some way of reassuring her that I loved her just as much as Hrit. And I’m so very glad she’s spared the frequent viruses that seem to stalk him all the while.

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