Meet Baby 1 – H

August 26, 2006

Hi there, I’m H. I arrived in this world almost three months back. My entry was rather dramatic. I was born with a condition that doctors term acute respiratory distress syndrome. In layman’s language that means that my lungs weren’t developed fully and I had trouble breathing. So from the OT after a quick kiss from ma and papa I was whisked away straight to the NICU where I spent two tough weeks.I felt sorry for papa who slept on those terribly uncomfortable benches outside the NICU. Bua, Masi and Nani too dropped in regularly. They all looked really worried, specially Nani, which made me feel that things must have been pretty serious then. But thanks to the nice Dr Prashant Udavant and the sisters and maushis at the hospital I made great progress. And now that’s all a thing of the past. I’m fit and fine (‘Touchwood’, mama would have added!).

What I look like
Well for starters, though we are twins, N and I look quite different. When nani saw me for the first time she said that I looked like a boy.. which is like stating the obvious.. I am a boy aren’t I?To move on…. I’m fair and getting chubbier by the day. Nani says I have no neck at all. And I say that’s awfully rude, but elders get away with a lot! And my neck is right there under my chins! Anyway modesty apart, despite my broad manly shoulders, I look cute.
I have a head full of hair which masi loves to style. I quite hated the center parting she made for me (too girlie, I thought) but the punk hairdo was kewl! Mama always does the boring old-fashioned side parting. What’s worse I have to put this kala tika! I mean hullo.. what century are we in for God’s sake???? But who’s asking my opinion? And if they did, for starters I’d say no to those perpetual blue clothes I’m made to wear. Why should only N get the cool pinks? I’m a metrosexual guy aren’t I? I deserve some pinks and reds too!

Low maintenance guy
That’s right. I am a low-maintenance guy. I’m happy as long as my tummy is full and my nappy is dry. I protest only when I’m denied any of this even then I often satisfy myself with sucking my fist or whatever else is available including my shirt collar.

Me and my bottle
The most important thing in my life is my bottle of milk and mama says the first words I’ll say will be ‘dudhu’. I get really annoyed when I’m hungry and I don’t get my bottle just because people think I should be fed only ‘on time’ in the name of discipline. Anyway, doctors say kids should be fed ‘on demand’, right? But people here think they know better. One rather nasty doctor even said I was overfed but thankfully no one took him seriously!

My favourite hour..….
is early morning. I sit comfortably on nana ji’s cushy lap while he reads the newspaper. He talks to me all the while and has even learnt to change my nappy!

Smiley cuddly baby
I smile a lot and that has won me many fans specially nana ji. Masi has even discovered a dimple on my right cheek and when I give a half smile mama says I look like Shah Rukh Khan! I love to cuddle too. And all one has to do to earn a smile is hold me close or tickle my neck.