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A post.. finally!

A post.. finally!

I don’t want to even begin to analyse why this space seems to have lost it’s pull these days. It’s not to do with not having time.. I mean when do we EVER have time? I’ve always MADE time. It’s also not that nothing much is happening. I’ve got loads to write, the drafts are piling up but I find I cannot get through a complete post. Sigh!

This one should have been done for Valentine’s Day but since Shruti, the Artsy Craftsy mum, is still accepting entries for her February theme here it is.

For the record.. The Husband was out on V-Day but the kids and I made up for it by having a great day. Each time I get the kids to craft something for their friends, this time I thought I’d make something for them. BFF Google came up with plenty of ideas. I picked the ones that didn’t require fancy craft material. All I needed to buy was satin ribbons and wrapping paper.

First Naisha’s tiffin had a heart jam sandwich topped with gems which had to be pink, red and purple :-).

Once they left for school I made this heart curtain. Here’s the link. The original had messages written on each of the hearts but since I was short on time I simply folded over wrapping paper and cut out hearts, stuck them on a ribbon added tiny bells at the ends and that was that. I fixed them to curtain rings so they can slide aside on the curtain rod.

Then a quick fridge magnet each with ice-cream sticks that had their pictures..

and finally these baskets from the Martha Stewart site. The link’s here..

It seemed complicated (by my non-expert standards, of course :-)) but turned out to be pretty easy.

To say that they were thrilled is an understatement. For that one day I was the ‘best mama in the whole world’ . By next day of course I’d fallen from grace but it was completely worth it.
This is what they looked like..
No, she’s not crying.. this is just too much happiness.


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