C for consistency

As a blogger/writer my biggest challenge has always been consistency. Building writing discipline has proved to be bl**** damn hard, perhaps because I find it hard to prioritise my writing.

Sometime last year I decided to change that. I planned to write at least two posts a month, no matter how busy I was, no matter how tough life was, no matter the quality of posts I published – I’d update my blog twice every month.

It hasn’t been an easy year by any means. I made multiple trips to Lucknow. I went for a physical bloggers’ meet. I was there for my father’s surgery, I started a new business, the children had their grade 12 boards and are now in the middle of their college admissions.

So yeah, it wasn’t/isn’t an easy time.

Yet, surprise surprise, I’ve managed to stay on track for eleven months. I went back and checked and it’s true. In May I will complete one full year of being consistent.

Here’s how it happened:

  1. I set an easy doable target – 2 posts a month seemed achievable for me.
  2. I broke down my target into two parts. I posted once by the 15th and then again by the 30th/31st. I kept the 15th deadline a tiny bit flexible (specially if I was in the middle of a post) but the month-end one was rock solid.
  3. I gave up the idea of perfection. Not perfection in the absolute sense — I don’t even know what that is or even if it exists, but whatever it meant for me. Even if I wasn’t completely satisfied with the post I’d publish it.
  4. Since my life wasn’t smooth sailing, I wrote about whatever was going on at that point.
  5. I also picked up prompts from wherever I could – Blogchatter, Parul’s tree love, our own BAR prompts or whatever sparked an idea and helped me craft a post. Fiction, non-fiction, picture posts – I kept an open mind to everything.

I went with just one single thought – I have to put out two posts every month.

Somedays, often in fact, I have posted on the night of the 31st, but I’ve done it.

I know none of this is rocket science and that all of us who have been blogging for a while know all of it, yet I thought putting it out here might help someone like me, who also struggles with consistency.

That’s it for now.

Hang in there with me for my last month of writing before I reach the anniversary of being consistent.

4 Replies to “C for consistency”

  1. Being consistent is the best way to grow one’s blog and of course it works with other things as well. I’ve been enjoying your posts even if I’m not consistent with reading them on time!

  2. I agree with you consistency is a big problem when it comes to writing and publishing a blog post. Congratulations to you for staying consistent for the last 11 months. One more month to go and you are going to ace it as well. Congratulations to the kids as well for completing their board exams. I wish them all the best for their college admissions.
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