Here’s what made me smile this month

This was going to be a heart-baring angsty post. I was halfway through when during a pause, I heard H and N in deep discussion.

Apparently, N, tired of revising for her boards, had handed over her psychology notes to H with an ‘Ask me anything’. H was working his way through the unfamiliar names of theories and psychologists, to her merriment. 

That made me smile. Each time I hear them talking or laughing together I feel a sense of deep happiness – the idea that they have each other is comforting.

My mood uplifted right away. I put away the angsty post for another day and decided, instead, to share things that made me smile.

At No 1 undoubtedly, is H’s horrified exclamation of ‘O Dear God!’ as he read through Freud’s disconcerting theories while N sat there, enjoying his shock.

In other news, H has finally crossed the Husband in height. After much argument and debate, and both gentlemen taking turns standing against various walls, N as the wise judge armed with a measuring tape, declared H was taller to his jubilation and the Husband’s consternation.

On the work front, if you remember, I spoke about the Crossword store across from mine. I have managed to strike a happy friendship with the store manager. Now I am the proud and grateful owner of a free invitation to browse or read whenever I want and for as long as I want. 

Compliments from customers always lift my spirits. Simple comments like ‘Your store smells nice’ (thanks to the Iris fragrance from our diffuser) or ‘I like coming here’ make me happy. The best compliment came from a lady who said, ‘This is the most hospitable store I have come to.’ Happiness!

Another elderly lady came by like a breeze, silver hair flowing right down to her back. She didn’t find what she was looking for but smiled and chatted and blessed us generously, ‘May Allah be with you,’ she said. Some interactions earn us more than money ever could.

Then there was the sight of this strapping six-foot dad enjoying a ride on a twinkly mermaid toy car with his toddler daughter. And another one who followed his wife with her large pink handbag hung unselfconsciously at his shoulder while she shopped. Chivalrous men are a delight.

And lastly, a slight movement of the weighing scale needle in the right direction has happened.

Reason to rejoice.

With that, my angsty self has retired for a bit. She’ll be back I know and I hope you will be around when I unburden myself.

Meanwhile, do share what made you happy. As the age-old saying goes joy shared is joy doubled.


A shoutout to Vinitha who shared her list of happy things that prompted me to do the same.

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