If we were having coffee together – 9

It’s been a while since we had coffee together dear friend and that is a good enough reason to sit down and take a breather. So pull up a chair, pop in a cushion and put your feet up for I have lots to say. This month has been as crazy as they come.

I’d tell you how October flew by and November seems gone too in a hurried haze of exams, illnesses and festivities.

I’d tell you how I came back from a relaxing vacation to find the children neck-deep in their term exams. I feel their stress acutely, blowing it up in my mind sometimes, more than necessary. 

But you’d know that already from our past chats and would probably take me to task for being such a worrywart. I know you’re right of course and your good natured telling-off always makes me smile.

N went down with a fever right in the middle of her exams and just as she was recovering I followed suit. This is the second time it has happened — that I have fallen ill as N was recovering and we have laughingly named it the Babur-Humayun phenomenon.

Do you remember the story about the time when Humayun was unwell and Babur prayed for his recovery, asking God to make him unwell instead? As it happened, Humayun did get well and Babur succumbed to his illness.

I can see you laugh as you roll your eyes. That’s enough history, you’d say, and more than enough drama! Mercifully you guys are both alive and kicking, you’d add.

I’d tell you how Diwali was upon us even while I was still recovering. I had some grand plans of redoing bits of my home but they all had to be shelved. 

I’d tell you how seeing the flood of festive posts on social media had me in a fluster. Everyone seemed to be cleaning and cooking and dressing up and making rangolis.

In my fever-weakened state, I wanted to go back in time to when Diwali was a simple two-day affair, I’d tell you. Everything you see on social media isn’t true, you should know that, you’d point out with another one of your eye rolls. 

I really do like your eye-rolls, they keep me grounded and make light of all the theatrics that find their way to me.

I’d note how easy it was to get swept away by one’s social media timeline. And that when it could make a rational adult like me anxious, its effects on impressionable teens would be devastating.

I’d tell you of my father’s knee surgery that brought me to my hometown last week. Even as doctors assured us it was a routine surgery, it had all of us in a jitter. 

I cannot be grateful enough for my extended family who are a solid support system, chipping in with help and advice, making multiple trips to the hospital and relieving my sister and me from our vigil.

I watch my father slowly walk back to fitness with a heart full of happiness and gratitude.

I’d ask how life had been treating you. I’d tell you I was looking forward to a peaceful, festive cheery December and hoping the same for you.

So tell me dear friend, how was November for you and what are you most looking forward to in December.

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