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If you’ve been a visitor here you’ll know I’m a bit of an obsessive mom (duh!) and an obsessive reader.

But there’s more. Today I am digging out, from my deep dark past, ten things you probably didn’t know about me.

Let me start at the beginning because that’s a good place to start :-).

  1. In school plays I was always given boy-roles. (We were an all girl’s school and girls did the male roles too).
  2. In grade 1, during a class exhibition, I was made to stand at the door and say, ‘This is the exit’ to each parent-visitor. I went ahead and did so with all the elaborate politeness of a poised young lady I had been taught to be, without the faintest idea what ‘exit’ meant . And I preened with self-importance when the guests smiled indulgently or said, ‘Oh is it? Thank you, I’d never have known.’
  3. In college I read ‘Don’t say Yes when you want to say No’ (more than once) and have never regained faith in the self-help genre.
  4. I have a fixation with round numbers. Which becomes an issue when I’m on the treadmill because when the distance is rounded off, the calories aren’t and when the calories are then the time isn’t and when the time is the number of steps aren’t and so it goes till I fall off from sheer exhaustion.
  5. People and relationships intrigue me. Which is why books/films exploring relationships are my favourite.
  6. Which is also why reality shows are my guilty pleasure, though I’ve stopped watching them because they’re often manipulated and toxic.
  7. Despite almost two decades of active cooking I have very little idea of food quantities. I routinely cook more than we can consume and am forever stuck with leftovers, specially with vegetables like cauliflower or brinjal that do not come in standard sizes.
  8. I am a sucker for romantic books/films and I dislike sad endings. Also, I cannot watch emotional films. I still haven’t properly watched Tare Zameen Par or the ending of Titanic.
  9. Rudeness renders me speechless.
  10. I believe in kindness above everything else.

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16 Replies to “I, Me, Myself”

  1. I relate to much of what you have written. Ditto to point no. 7. You have so simply and beautifully revealed so much about yourself.

  2. Thank goodness your deep dark secrets did not come out to be as dark as I had imagined 😀
    It was fun to read and know more about you. I can see that point number 4 can be a serious problem. Who could have thought there can be demerits of rounding numbers? I have the same problem with cauliflowers and brinjals. When their sizes are big, I put lesser potatoes in them so that the quantity of the cooked vegetable does not increase spilling over to the next day. And then the family complains about my kanjoosi with aaloo. As for books, my likes vary from realistic fiction, romantic fiction, sometimes erotica too and spiritual books (not the kind of Indian scriptures). And yes, of course, also children’s books. How much I am able to read these days is another story altogether. 2 pages a night is my speed.

    1. I like your eclectic taste in books. I’m a mood reader too and end up picking up all kinds of reads except perhaps spiritual, self-help and horror.

  3. Hey Tulika! Point number 4 is same for me. I also have such kind of obsession and it troubles me the most when it comes to writing the draft of my books with a fixed number of chapters.

    1. That’s a brand new author dilemma! Though I do get what you’re saying. Each time I’m not at a round figure it bugs me just a little bit.

  4. Nice to know you some more, Tulika. I especially liked reading about your school and college days. And, oh, that part about cooking more than you can eat…I do that, too. But, it benefits me as then I don’t have to cook the next day. So, less work. 🙂

  5. Enjoyed reading this post. I’ve also studied in an all girls school.

    I am imagining point number 2. Sounds so cute. And about the sad ending: same here. Love stories ho to happy ending waali ho, warna na ho (ye alag baat hai ki Me Before You meri favourite hai. :))

    1. Mine too. For that book, that ending was perfect. This was the first time and maybe the only time I was okay with it. A happily ever after would have just messed it up.

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