Of Exams and Results

Of Exams and Results

Imagine your favourite person in the whole world in a boxing match. It’s an important bout and you’ve tried to prepare him the best you can — got the best trainers, the best gloves, directed him to the best resources; done everything you could possibly do.

You’ve watched his struggles, pulled him out from absolute lows, rejoiced through the happy highs. And now it’s time for the final match.

You’re a veteran of the ring and no matter how desperately you wish you could fight the match for him, you cannot. All you can do is watch and encourage from the sidelines.

You wish and you pray for a win. Not for yourself, you’re an old-timer. You know there will be more matches, more contests. You know not everyone can win every match. You know, the match doesn’t even really matter.

You know. 

Yet you wish for the win. Because it matters to your favourite person. Because you have no idea how you will handle his heartbreak.

You’ve tried to prepare him to accept the result no matter what it is. You have tried to tell him it doesn’t matter. Yet, you’re not sure you have been successful. 

It’s been you against the world all along, against the system and society that prizes result over effort.

And so you wait and you hope.

Now multiply that feeling by two and you have some idea of what it has been like watching the twins sit through their Boards.

This year has been special in a mad kind of way. The Board decided to split Grade 10 into two semesters. That meant the children have been under constant pressure since the first prelim for the first semester, way back in September.

The first Boards concluded in December and they came away with decent grades. I was at once relieved, happy and proud.

With the beginning of the final chapter, I am glad it’s all coming to an end.

Till a few years ago I would have been with them in the thick of things, revising their portion with them, reminding them of bits that needed redoing, asking them random questions through the day.

However, they have slowly moved towards independence, managing completely on their own. That makes me happy, of course, but a little nervous too because I have no first-hand idea of how prepared they are.

All I can do is trust them and sit, fingers crossed, hoping for their sakes, that they do well.

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  1. It’s never easy to see your kids preparing for important tests and just sit back without worrying as a parent. But as a parent, letting our children prepare and face the challenge is very much important too. Don’t worry, they will do their best and you will be a proud mom when the results come. Of course, it is easy for me to say this now because none of my kids are at this stage yet. 🙂 Hugs, Tulika. <3
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    1. I’ve been in your place Vinitha and I used to wonder why parents worry so much. Now I’m that parent and worrying my head off :-).

  2. This is such a difficult time for parents, even more so these days, when so much rides on their results. But as you’ve said, there’s not much a parent can do except be supportive and hope and pray. Wishing the twins the very best!
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    1. Thank you Corinne. This is perhaps the first ‘test’ they are taking on their own. There will be many more life-tests and I hope I can continue to trust their sensibilities.

  3. Oh, I totally understand your anxiety. Boards are something else. I remember everyone was so worried and restless (and kind of enthusiastic) when I was appearing for my boards (matlab, many-many years ago). I want my kid to grow up fast so that he could slowly move towards independence, managing completely on his own. 🙂

    I wish them all the very best. Sab bahut achchha hoga.
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  4. Dear mom, don’t worry…I am sure both your babies will do you proud, the way they have all these years. 🙂
    But, seriously, I can’t imagine or understand the stress every parent must go through as they watch their kids battle it out, be it in the examination hall, or in life. All you can do is pray that they keep their calm, and use all the tactics you have taught them, to win every battle or even give it their best shot and be proud of it.

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