The Write Space

The Write Space

I have looked upon with wonder and more than a little bit of envy at work-from-home desks of my friends. Somedays I have longed for a place like that. A place where I can put up cute little mugs filled with colourful pens (that all work), a happy family photograph, a quirky poster, a plant maybe and other adorable knick-knacks.

Somehow I never got around to getting one for myself. Perhaps I never truly felt I needed it.

In the BC (Before Corona) days, from 8 am to 3 pm the house was mine and mine alone. It helped that those were my best writing hours. I could pretty much sit anywhere I chose. Everyday I’d pick a spot and spread out my ‘things’. And that was that.

When the Pandemic struck last year, the children and the Husband took over the home. Wifi wars hotted up between the three of them, each vying for the best spot. The modem was moved from one place to the other and routers were installed to placate everyone.

Between my peacekeeping efforts, feeding the household army (it certainly seemed like one) and keeping the house tolerably clean I had my plate full.

It was only by May-June of 2020 that I could find my bearings. And then, to my shock, in every cosy corner, every happy nook, every writing space I looked, I found a child or a husband busily ensconced, spouting sales figures on the phone at the top of their voices or attending class.

My writing space was severely compromised, my happy hours lost forever. A table was a dream, I didn’t even seem to have a room any longer. I pretty much became a gypsy in the house. I’d shuttle between the dining room and my bedroom and the children’s rooms depending on where I could find some quiet and a table to call my own. To make matters worse I enrolled myself in an online course that needed concentration and focus.

Finally, two things came to my rescue — a folding table and a rucksack. Even as I write this it feels a tad weird but I’m telling you this is the most practical solution. 

The rucksack has my kindle, my current read, my phone, my laptop, a physical file that doubles up as a planner and note-taker, a pen and a bottle of water.

I pretty much carry my home-office with me. All I have to do now is pick up my rucksack and my folding table, find a spot and I’m good to go.

My table usually has my note-taker and my laptop. That’s all. For now this will have to do. The gorgeous knick-knacky table of my dreams will have to wait a little while longer.

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  1. Oh, how I love gazing at those writing tables I see in pictures and mags. I used to long for an art nook for myself, complete with an art table and scores of drawers to hold my scores of colors/pens/pencils, etc. But, the lack of any such space made me use my bed with my folding laptop table right next to our bookcase that also holds my art stuff. My dining table is in such a place, it lacks the direct sunlight that I need while drawing, so the place on the bed worked coz it is next to the window. But, for writing, I sit at the dining table that has a wall on three sides and a door facing it. It is the ideal place to write, according to Stephen King, who advised writers to sit at a place without any distractions to write. And, it really works, haan! In place of knick-knacks, I have a fruit bowl, a jug of water, and medicine boxes on my table, and also sometimes, my parrots, pecking at my keyboard, typing along 😀

    1. That last picture you created shall remain with me Shilpa -you with your birds on your shoulder writing away happily :-). Sometimes one needs to fight and make a place for oneself while at other times it’s okay to make do with what one has.

  2. I’m so glad you found a practical solution, Tulika. I mainly sit on my bedroom floor. It works for me, but I appreciate your idea of a portable lap desk.

  3. I can completely relate to your situation, Tulika. In my home, I was getting alone time from 8 to 12 three days a week when my little one was at his daycare. March 2020 came and dumped the 2 kids and a husband inside my home! I tell my husband that it feels that he is working in a call center because he is always on a call. And he talks so loudly. Kids are by default humans with no control whatsoever. I miss my peace and quiet. Conditions improved a bit from this April when we moved from our apartment to our home which has more space. But my four-year-old still likes my company. So no me-time to focus yet. Currently, our dining table is my writing desk. From next week I will get my own desk beside the dining table. But until the boys go back to their schools and office, me-time continues to be a dream of mine.
    By the way, I like your arrangement. The foldable table is a perfect solution.
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    1. I’m hoping things go back to normal soon and I have few hours of peace with everyone out of the house. That would solve so much.

  4. Hugs, Tulika! I hear you! I can so easily relate to your plight! Been through this state for the most part of 2020, not to mention the weight of the endless chores and the lack of peace and quiet that was so integral to my writing. It’s a tough call finding a quiet corner to myself but we’ve got to make do with whatever we have available, right? Incidentally, I too got a portable table that is my dedicated writing space now. The good part is we are writing through this challenging time and that is important. Good luck with the online course, Tulika! And please do keep writing and sharing more often, dear. Your blog posts are always a treat to read! 🙂

    1. You’re right Corinne. I wonder though if it would have made a difference if I had a full time job rather than a freelance thing.

  5. Agree agree I used to practice dance at home atleast weekly once, now our living room is never free with all family members occupying it any time of the day. Good that you found a solution with portable table.

    1. Aw I hope you manage to make space. It’s our interests and passions that have helped keep us sane through the Pandemic.

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