Thursday mornings

Thursday mornings

It’s after 10 pm. The children have finally settled down in their rooms wrapping up their studies, their TV time and their million arguments.

I open my book for few minutes of reading before I turn in for the day.

The phone pings. I glance at it and find a message from my sister-in-law, S. I know what it says and am already smiling as I open it. ‘Come over tomorrow’, says the message. ‘Sure’ I write back. And that’s that.

Next morning I make my way to her house a few kms away. She’s back from yoga, and has tea bubbling on the stove. The BIL, a runner, is back too and is wrapping up his running routine with (sometimes seriously weird) stretching exercises.

I hover in the kitchen, almost as familiar as my own, pouring myself a glass of water, setting out the tray and cups or sometimes, just chatting. We carry the tea to the living room and soon we’re settled on the large teal sofa, curled up with mugs in hand.

Somedays we walk down to a roadside eatery for a breakfast of poha and misal, somedays we order in while other days we settle for eggs and bread.

And we talk. Of the world, of China, of India and of Kashmir, of work and its challenges, of running a home with the husband away, and of children, of course children — my nascent teens her almost adult one.

We laugh together. A lot. About random things. His obsession with running, her annoyance of it; his love for drug-cartel movies, her disinterest in all things television; his crazy relatives, her equally mad ones. All our collective craziness, our eccentricities and our quirks are brought out, examined and laughed at.

That was our morning schedule every Thursday. I don’t quite remember when we set it up but no matter how busy we were, how packed a day we had ahead, those mornings were sacrosanct; reserved for our breakfast meets.

Thursday mornings became our routine escape from routine. They were my lifeline through some of the most trying times.

We resumed them, rather reluctantly, over the last week or so. Now, however, as both of them ride the Covid wave, quarantined at home, Thursday isn’t the same.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

5 Replies to “Thursday mornings”

  1. Routines are so comforting, even though during times like these, nothing is the same, and yet, for the foreseeable future it seems like we need to be able to find the teeny bits of comfort where we find them. That will help us tide us through this scary weird phase.

  2. Such a pleasant post! And as usual, your writing creates lovely imagery. It’s good that your sister-in-law lives nearby and you enjoy your time together. Really hope everything gets better and normal and you continue your pleasant Thursday morning get-together. Sending good wishes. 🙂
    Tarang recently put up this amazing post…Falling Into a NovelMy Profile

  3. So good to see a post from you OM 🙂
    Yes..most things are not the same anymore. But its lovely to have someone as you do! And, though its different, you should keep your date with the breakfast dates 🙂
    Loved reading..i too walked along to the roadside stall for poha, feeling that morning vibes…
    Priya recently put up this amazing post…Resilience!! #ThursdayTreeLoveMy Profile

    1. Thanks so much for reading Priya. This place has been so dead for the past few months. Yeah it’s a blessing to have her close by and also that we vibe well. Waiting for them to get through their quarantines, since they both tested positive last week.

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