In search of a perfect gift #WordsMatter

In search of a perfect gift #WordsMatter

Some six or seven years ago, on a crisp December morning I stood before the tiny temple I have at home, my hands folded in prayer. This small dialogue with God is my daily post-bath ritual. I put all my anxieties on hold for the space of a minute or two and recite a small prayer. That day after I finished my regular prayer I added a special petition for H and N.

It was their Sports Day and I wanted them both to do well at the races. Mercifully they were in separate sections and so both stood independent chance of winning. As I was asking God to help them, I wondered if all other moms, or at least some of them, were standing in front of their Gods just like me praying the same prayer. So who would God listen to? Also, I wondered if it was a little unfair, not to say selfish, to ask a favour for BOTH my children at the same time. I mean, God must have some kind of a quota system, right? Only so much happiness to be doled out per family, or something like that, I reasoned. So if I had to choose one child to ask a favour for, who should it be? That thought boggled my mind so crazily that I gave up without even trying. I’m not good at decision making anyway and so I decided to leave it to Him. I ended my prayer with a ‘Keep them both happy, please God’ and that was it.

They both ran their races. N bagged a medal while H missed his, coming in fourth.

And that, dear friends, was the best thing God could have done. I’m sure if H reads this later he will wonder if I’m really his evil stepmom as he often says these days. And since God prefers to conveniently shut himself up in the heavens above rather than offer clarifications I’m going to try to do that for him.

First up, N is the sporty one in the family while H is content with his laptop and his books (in that order, regrettably enough). That day winning mattered more to her than to him. He would perhaps have been content losing out in the heats so he could sleep in at home rather than go for the finals.

Also it is N who needs small wins such as this one all the while to keep up her confidence, while H has an inherent sense of self that never lets him feel down too long. So all in all I can say, Well done God!

Had I not had my I-want-the-world-for-both-my-children glasses on my mom-face that morning, I would perhaps have known what to pray for. Thank goodness I at least had the sense to leave it all to Him.

And so when I think of the one gift I would like to give or receive I’d stick with the same one I asked for H and N that December morning – the gift of happiness.

The tricky bit is nothing guarantees it, not a win at the races, nor fame or success or money or even friends or family. One can have the world and yet not find lasting happiness. Paradoxically, it’s the simplest to find too – a hot cup of tea, a gentle smile, a stranger’s kindness. One can have nothing and yet be happy.

And that is what I’m counting on, that we all find our own individual happiness beyond material gains and social paradigms.


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. I think saying a prayer in my opinion is a simple act of just sending good vibes the way of the person we are wishing for. That is how I see it. I just channelize my good vibes and pray for the best. Since the last year, I have starting going to the temple on Saturday and pray regularly. I do pray for random things, for people sick, for those in need and then it struck me last week that I hardly ask anything for myself. So I added a small prayer for my health. Anyway, after that digression, I am sure that things eventually work out for the best as it did in your case.

  2. I think praying for the wellness of our kids and family is just so normal and not selfish. It is something that we come up naturally. Their happiness makes us happy. Really a nice post.

  3. Such a heartfelt and honest post, Tulika. I think all Moms of more than one child would identify with your prayer. Happiness is truly the best thing we can gift another – but since there’s no way to really do that, we can start with gifting it to ourselves and hope that it spreads outwards!

  4. What a lovely post, Tulika! I think exactly like you do. I think I always have one conversation in a given week with my 15 yo when I talk of this—it’s an inside job hence much harder to “teach” from the outside to another individual. Incidentally, my post talks about something similar. You call it happiness, I call it contentment but in effect, it is the same.

  5. Aww! This is such a beautiful and heartwarming post, Tulika. Loved reading it!
    Yes, the gift of happiness is the best gift that we can give to others and even to ourselves. Though the idea of happiness to each of us may mean something different, but with the right attitude we all can feel its magic and light in our life.
    Shilpa Garg recently put up this amazing post…5 Reasons Why Books Make The Best Gifts #WordsMatterMy Profile

  6. I too stand in front of God and pray just to keep my family happy and safe. It is a blessing that God knows what he is doing most of the time. The gift of happiness is a beautiful thing indeed.

  7. Such lovely words, Tulika!
    Indeed, it’s the best thing to do–leave it all to Him and let Him decide who gets what. In a lighter vein, why must we take the headache when it’s He who created the world and us, and all sorts of things to worry about! 😛

    I love your posts, Tulika! That’s all I can ever say. Just LOVE them! <3

  8. Ah! The mom’s dilemma or rather a parent’s dilemma. You did well OM and your last line does sum it up nicely 🙂

  9. Aww isnt this the sweetest post ever Tulika. I do too wonder how does God decide which mom to grant the wish for her child when they are all in the same boat? I love how sweetly you have turned wishful thinking into such a delightful post.

    I pray to the Divine to always have this gift of Happiness in your bag at all times XOXO

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