Mornings #SOL

Mornings #SOL

6.15, says the kitchen clock. The sun is just lighting up the skies. I slide some butter on the hot pan, the sizzle sounding loud in the early morning quiet. I put in slices of bread quietening the sizzle, then turn the flame down and head off to wake the children.

I find H sleeping on his stomach, head twisted upwards at an awkward angle, a thin sheet barely covering him, the fan on full blast. I reach out and decrease the fan speed then call out to him. He doesn’t stir. I give him a gentle shake, trying to reach him through the swathes of sleep. He nods finally, as I tell him he has five more minutes.

This five minute warning, I have found, helps ease the children to start the day. I like it too. I hate dragging them out of bed, specially on cold winter mornings or on rainy overcast days. Mondays are the worst, specially exam Mondays, like today.

He’s a night owl, this one, lying awake late, then waking up to lethargic mornings, often begging for an extra minute after the five-minute buffer.

In her room, N lies invisible among the folds of a thick comforter, the fan switched off. She stirs as I call her, gets her head out then silently points to her cheek, eyes still shut. I give her a kiss. She turns her head and points to the other one for another kiss – our own private little ritual. Then she snuggles down for the extra five minutes. Mornings are easier for her specially if she has a ‘good’ day lined up.

I marvel at how different they are.

I smile remembering how passionately we read Linda Goodman back during college, how confidently we allotted character traits to people we barely new. ‘Ooh she’s a Scorpio, beware’. ‘Oh he’s an Arian, bound to be flighty’. Judgement came only too easily.

How ridiculous it seems now! How can people born over thirty days have the same traits when these two, born a few minutes apart, are chalk and cheese? How drastically did the planet alignment shift in those two minutes to get me two such varied ones?

Interesting subject of study for an astrologer, I muse flipping the bread, and tipping the egg on to it on the pan.

I glance at the clock again. Five minutes are up. I walk to each of their rooms in turn, checking on them, calling out again, trying to inject a sternness in my voice this time, a sternness I don’t really feel but there’s no time for mush now.

Another day beckons.


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  1. This made for such a beautiful read, Tulika 🙂 All the best to H and N for the rest of the exams.

    Gy has this morning ritual where she gets up at 5.15 and is all ready by 6 am so she can go and play tennis with her dad for an hour before the bus comes. Even on exam days. It was quite delightful to watch this shift this year. Kids are so different, aren’t they?

    She’s also become quietly more responsible in her own way. Watching this shift happen has been rather eye-opening.

    That entire scene you described is so evocative, by the way. You should write more of these 🙂

    1. Thank you Shailaja.
      I am completely in awe of Gy. She’s just such a good girl. I’m just not able to push the children to go down these days since we shifted and that makes me really sad. It’s wonderful to see them grow, isn’t it?

  2. Such a wonderful post! The description is so vivid as one can see it happening.

    Your connect with the children and their individual treatment is great.’One needs wings,the other shackles’,the method ,of great educationist Rousseau’s , can be seen in your home .Your style of waking up thechildren’especially of N’s is too cute.

    Wrapping up the post by connecting it to the influence of zodiac signs is superb.

    Love your posts .Keep on writing .
    All the best for great parenting.

  3. Oh, the mornings but you observed so much in those few minutes. I wake up at 6 or thereabouts daily while M is deep in her sleep, snuggled with her dad, after kicking me the whole night I must add. I don’t like waking up early but have to now. I wish for days when I can sleep at least till 9 but then that is just a wish now since M barely sleeps beyond 7 am on weekends 🙁
    Nabanita Dhar recently put up this amazing post…Secrets For Acing MotherhoodMy Profile

    1. It’ll happen Naba. When you’ll need her to wake up early she’ll sleep till you’re beyond annoyed :-). I do sympathise with you. Weekend sleep is sacrosanct. One can depend on kids to upset the best laid plans.

  4. Sweet. You described their morning and yours so well. Apart from their sheet and comforter, I can see how they are covered in love!
    Interesting observation about the signs.

  5. Incidentally, these days when I come down, the younger son is up and revising. He has been doing it since the start of exams. Older boy wakes up when his alarm goes. So, incidentally I don’t get to wake them anymore. I come down and quickly start on heating the milk and preparing the breakfast and dabbas. Such hectic mornings, no?

    1. That’s a dream Rachna – to wake up and find the kids studying on their own. You give me hope – one day mine shall do this too. Mercifully no dabbas during exams, just breakfast, since the kids are back by 10.30, so that’s a relief. School-day mornings are crazy.

  6. That’s what weekday mornings are made of. 🙂

    I love your vivid descriptions. Felt as though I was around to watch your rituals unfold.

    “Twins, and yet so different from each other.” I’ve heard this more often than not. The zodiac signs can take a walk.

    Your twins are adorable and I totally enjoy reading their little snippets.

    Much love to all of you.
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  7. Loved this! I could picture all of it .. and the sweet lil ritual those 🙂 and, the wanting to sound stern when not feeling it 😛 And, of course the Linda Goodman reference.. so true of those good old days. I dont know i’m just ramling in the mid of the work day.. but you get the drift right 😀
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  8. Beautiful write up!
    I find it really hard to get up early in the morning. While my son gets up instantly, the moment I call him. Too eager to go to the school. 🙂 I think he has an inbuilt alarm because he wakes up at the same time even on the holidays. Sigh.

    1. What a blessing to have your son wake up on his own. And kudos to the school for inspiring him so. Getting up in the morning was tough for me too but now, over the years, it’s become a habit and I no longer mind it so much. I do enjoy my sleep-ins on weekends and holidays, so it’s a win-win. Thanks for dropping by Tarang.

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