It’s exam time. Again.

It’s exam time. Again.

If you’re a somewhat regular reader here you’ll know that exams have a way of bringing out the creative side of H and N. They suddenly remember all their half-done or thought-of-but-never-done projects which must be launched/completed right away. Case in point: Last year N wrote a 5000 word story during her exams.

Here’s what they’ve been up to during this new and exciting exam month.

H found a new hobby

The son has developed a fascination for countries and flags and the wars of the world. So while I am teaching him the Circulatory System he suddenly comes up with ‘Do you know about the Balkan war?’ Or ‘Were you born before the Cold War’. Or while I’m helping him negotiate the Rennaisance Period he’ll suddenly run to the map to check where exactly a country is.


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I blew my fuse each time until finally I allowed him to do his own research during his afternoon break. I wonder how he crams in all his course work along with so much not-really-necessary information. I have to admit though that it’s darned interesting.
PS: Did you know El Salvador and Honduras actually had a war over football?

and N has a million things on her mind

The doll needs a new wardrobe. What to do? Clothes have to be made, no? She cannot wear rags till end of exams, right? So she sits chopping up socks and embellishing them with ribbons and sequins to dress up her doll. And there’s nail paint. I smell it even before she opens it, not that she’s making a secret of it anyway. ‘I’m not applying any,’ she explains when I ask her to put it away, ‘just counting.’ And of course periodic nail-paint inventory is so important. Who knows new ones might have been born over night.

Together they have revived their ‘exam’ hobbies

The children have a whole set of hobbies that they indulge in strictly during exams. Top of the list would be cooking – the cake-in-a-cup is an almost daily affair. And of course there’s maggi.

Then there are birthday plans

To have two parties or three, that is the question. ‘We should have one for each of us with our friends, and one with family,’ explains N. The date is still two months away. I have two months to figure out how to bring the number down to one.

Travel plans

are afoot too as we plan our annual summer visit to our hometown. N has made out a meticulous list of things she needs to pack down to her ‘airport look’ without even knowing it’s a thing.

Finally there’s the after exam party

which is being planned since even before the exam time-table was announced. H has invitations from at least two friends and that’s fortunate because N wants to have friends over. Interestingly, the twain just do not mix despite them being in the same class (and section).

All of this would have pretty much driven the old me up the wall but the new me takes it all in her stride. You might find me discussing N’s novel with her or listening to H’s long winding stories of the most vicious wars.

Yup Nirvana, I’m almost there!

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  1. Lol…this is the best! I especially loved researching countries over biology! I reckon H is going to remember that info over anything he learns for exams because he’s obviously intrinsically motivated to learn! Side note – I can’t believe exams still exist in this day and age in the exact same way as we grew up. Haven’t they learnt it’s useless in the long run?
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    1. That’s true, he probably will. He has a wonderful memory for things he researches on his own. Unfortunately exams continue to be a huge deal and they need a high level of focus. The children will have their boards in a few years and they need to learn to block out distractions. I’m hoping we’ll get there at some point.

  2. I am laughing at this. I still remember my own plans. Most of the time my mother thinks I am reading up for the exam and the studious looks are all for a novel. Glad she didn’t get driven up the wall so easily. I used to get mad easily when my sister was writing her final exams. She used to reply what do you think you were doing! Well, I am thinking if I will ever find Nirvana with my little one at least. I love the way you write Tulika. Just as it is. Loved this.
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    1. Oh our mom was pretty strict and my sister and I were good little girls. But this new generation is very different. They just don’t study the way we did. The only lesson in parenting I’ve learnt is to understand that the kids are different from me and to keep my patience, or at least TRY to keep my patience. I hope you have good times with your little one :-).

  3. Very true story and funny too! This is human nature and glad you have made peace with H and N’s creativity during exam time.
    I still remember my exam hobbies…hehe. During exam time only me and my brother found loads of things to do which had been dormant for so long. Even in college, I remember that barring studies I would be enthusiastic about all extracurricular activities. It needed lots of effort to study. So H and N are just kids. Let them have their share of fun! I know you have attained Nirvana in this sense and that is great.
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    1. I think that’s true for a lot of us – this thinking of everything other than exams during exams :-). It’s taken me a long time to get used to their ways. I’m hoping I can keep being sane. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. Hahaha! H and N are soooo sweet!! I am still grinning at their plans and exam hobbies. Glad that you have achieved Nirvana 😀 I havent still 😀

    1. This year was so much more peaceful because I was prepared for their madness. I’ve come to realise this is how they function. There’s no other way than to flow with it.

  5. This made me giggle. Kids they just know how to drive us up the wall. In my case, it is the younger son. He finds all kinds of trivia about planes, cars and of late Pakistan, wars, jets to share when we are discussing Math or Hindi. I guess it just shows that their brains are buzzing activity centres that will just not sit down and focus. And of course, discussing the then imminent party or travel plans. Luckily, all that is behind us and he is thoroughly enjoying his summer holidays especially sparring with his brother which makes me go manic every few hours. Well, what to say! Enjoy the exams and then the holidays.

    1. H and N are done too and thank goodness for that. It is so hard to keep them focussed during that one month. Yes, the sparring is on here too. You have a good summer.

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