Fitness lesson No1 #fitnesscapsule

Fitness lesson No1 #fitnesscapsule

‘I am going down with fever,’ thought I as I sat down with my breakfast this Monday morning. My head throbbed, my body hurt and I could barely feel my legs and arms. All I wanted to do was go off to sleep and it was just 10 am. The clothes on the stand, the mess on the table and my laptop all seemed to be staring at me, daring me to ignore them and make for the bed.

Monday mornings are not the most exciting part of the week.

I love weekends. Who doesn’t? I love the fact that I can wake up late, relax and spend time with the children. However there’s one small cloud that hangs over all my Saturdays and Sundays – my diet-exercise routine goes for a toss, completely.

And so it was this weekend too.

I started off pretty determined to stick with my resolution but then the grey rainy morning washed away all thoughts of a walk. I lazed around in bed and consoled myself with the thought that I’d eat sensibly through the day. I cooked separate meals for the children and for me. Puri aloo for them, sautéed vegetables and chapatis for me. However, once the food was out on the plates, their’s looked so scrumptious and mine so spartan, that I ended up eating more from their plates than my own. In my defence, take a look at this.

To make matters worse I went without exercise all of Sunday too. My excuse – ‘It’s raining!’ I could perhaps go with this excuse all of next month!

Come Monday and my over enthusiastic conscience, that had conveniently slept all through the weekend, woke up and asserted itself rather aggressively. And so I put on some exercise videos and, determined to gain lost territory, I worked out for over an hour picking out the toughest routines. Sweaty and tired I went on to the kitchen and spent another hour on my feet prepping, cooking, struggling to make something as palatable for my spoilt tastebuds as I possibly could with my limited skills.

By the time I was through and finally sat down to breakfast, I was regretting giving in to my conscience. 

So here’s my very first learning:

Never ever over-exercise to compensate for a lazy day. Click To Tweet

And a corollary to that: Never ever fast after a binge because it will probably make you vulnerable to another bingeing session.

There really is no other way than going slow and steady when it comes to losing weight. If you fall off the wagon get back on it slowly. I am on my feet again today with the promise to take it one day at a time, to make time to exercise on weekends, even if it’s 15 or 20 minutes and to not kill myself if I do falter.

Share your fitness story if you have one – did you ever stumble along the way? How did you get back?


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25 Replies to “Fitness lesson No1 #fitnesscapsule”

  1. That poori-aloo can sway anyone’s detemination 😉 Jokes apart – I have been through all this and I would also say, it’s normal. Here are a few things I do:
    1. Your goal should be achievable yet something that stretches you. Don’t plan to workout all 7 days a week. Start with 4/5 and increase over months to 5/6. Track this on a calendar so you count and stay accountable to your goal. If you miss your goal, give up your cheat day for a week.
    2. Eat right 80% of the time. Rest 20% will be good enough for your body. The 20% should not be a food but a bite to satiate your craving but not hunger.
    3. Make N and H your partners. Ask them to question you if you miss a WO.
    A trick – if it rains a lot on Bangalore and i can’t get out, I call my Mum and talk to her for 45 mins and I keep walking while talking. 🙂
    Good luck!

    1. Those are the most doable pointers ever Parul. Thank you. I have since then put it into practice and I have N pushing me when I forget to walk. Also, I’ve realised that an occasional sweet doesn’t kill your diet so I don’t beat myself about it any longer.

  2. Agree with your learning of not over-doing to compensate for a lazy day. But at least you are doing something about your fitness and following a schedule. At my end, I give up even before trying. Exercising and I are like chalk and cheese… SIGH!
    I so want to have that puri and subzi now… looks so tempting!

  3. There’s something else you need to remember, Tulika. And that is to give your body a break once a week. So, if you don’t exercise on a Sunday and laze instead, it’s perfectly fine.
    I haven’t been working out for quite a long time now. I do go for my evening walks when it isn’t raining, and I do pay attention to what I eat, but I also give myself a break once a week.
    Oh, and I stopped drinking coffee! It’s almost a month now. And I have observed, I have also lost the craving for chocolates that I used to have earlier. Maybe it’s because of some more dietary changes I made.

  4. This is EXACTLY what happens to me too, Tulika! The whole week, I’m on a perfect diet and work-out schedule. Come weekend, everything goes for a toss! From a late heavy breakfast to no time for exercise, it is all there. I am working really hard to follow a strict schedule on the weekends too. But with a hyperactive foodie husband, it hardly is possible 😛

    But, I never over-compensate. I might do a set or two extra, but never push myself to dangerous limits.

    1. Hai na? It becomes hard if people around you are eating all kinds of good stuff. But again the one thing I’ve learnt is that a single day won’t derail your fitness as long as you do not binge. So that’s something.

  5. That’s the lesson everyone should keep in mind.

    I like Mondays or any other weekdays. The only thing I like about weekends is that I can sleep without the alarm.

    I have recently started working on my fitness, er weight loss to be precise. Managing well so far. And I don’t exercise. I just walk and do some light exercises {if I remember and if they can be termed exercise}. I have just reduced my sugar intake & increased my water intake. And keep calorie count in my mind. It’s working okay. Slow but okay.

    1. Ditto Tarang. The morning sleep is all I like about weekends. Have you managed to lose some weight? I’ve also been directed by the doctor to only walk or do light exercises, nothing more. And it is definitely making a difference specially if I eat carefully.

  6. I allow myself 2 days in the week to not exercise. That way I don’t feel guilty and I find it works well – the body needs a break too.

  7. I love eating puris once in a while. And yes, I have stumbled so many times and then got back on. Since I am not really exercising since last almost 3 months, I am sure I have gained weight. But that’s okay, healing first. Once I am fully healed I will get back to fitness but slow and steady. As you mentioned, no sense in killing oneself.

    1. Absolutely. Exercising when you’re not hundred percent fit only makes it worse and might put you out of action for longer. Hope you’re well and fine now and back to action.

  8. So True Tulika. So I believe in the middle path. NEver over do and never under do too. Whether it is exercise or eating or just about anything in life. I do a mix of brisk walk, yoga and twice a week a short round of squash. And if there is a day I end up not being able to, I just leave it. Never overdo the next day and stick to the usual 40 mins of walk.

  9. That’s an excellent lesson. But that puri aalu looks absolutely delicious. Enough to make anyone forget about diet or workouts. I would have jumped on it.

  10. I can totally co-relate with this post and your emotions. I am also struggling a lot to be regular in yoga practice routine. getting some inspiration from here and will try to do it regularly since tomorrow.

  11. Hihi. I always stumble. But this is the first time that I stuck to my diet for 21 days. I cheated a little today, but yeah that is it. 😛 You’re doing good, Tulika 🙂

    1. Congratulations for sticking it out. I’ve been at it for over a month now and the only thing I’m happy about is that I keep coming back to it.

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