Happily, gratefully busy this February

Happily, gratefully busy this February

February seemed to drag on and on forever but now that I’m trying to recap the month it seems to have flown past. It’s been very busy and yet uneventful. I think that’s a good thing. I like ‘busy and uneventful’. I’ve been much more relaxed this month than I’ve been in a long time.

…because health is so important

If I were to name one thing I was specially grateful for this month, it would be health. The recent passing away of well-known actor Sridevi brought home the fact ever more strongly. It breaks my heart to think what her teenaged daughters would be going through, perhaps because I imagine my children in that same situation, should anything happen to me, and the thought frightens me. It’s morbid, I know. However it does put things in perspective.

Going forward from that thought, the biggest happiness of the month was that I could finally get my tests done. I spent a good five hours at the hospital giving all kinds of samples, and standing/lying down under machines of all shapes and sizes followed by multiple visits for some more investigations and consultations. Finally, I have been pronounced reasonably healthy. Whatever little blips I have can all be corrected with supplements. The best bit was that the heart was in its place and pumping happily along. But then I always knew that :-).

The evening walks

There’s of course the old enemy, fat, to contend with. But I’m on it and I’m glad to report that I’ve managed to begin the evening walks I’d been planning for ages in addition to my morning routine. They’re short ones, just about twenty minutes, and only on weekdays. It was a bit of a shocker to realise how I’ve lost stamina. There was a time I was walking 7-8kms and now I tire in 2. The speed is pretty pathetic too. After the first few days I did away with all walking apps because the figures were just so abysmally depressing, specially when I compared them to what I could once do. Now I just have a timer and am concentrating on walking a minimum of 20 minutes everyday. The speed and the stamina will have to wait.

Books and Friendships

This month a few blogger friends decided to exchange pre-owned books from their personal collections – a fabulous idea conceived and coordinated by Shalini who blogs at www.shalzmojo.in. I received Big Little Lies from fellow bibliophile, Lata and although I still have to review it on my other blog, I will reiterate that it turned out a wonderful read. A good book stays with you for a long long time and this one shall too. If you haven’t read it, do pick it up.

And then of course there are the children

Sometimes I worry that most of my moods, my happiness and my stress, stem from the children. It’s not healthy, I know. I am depending on time to change that. Or perhaps once the Husband is around more often the pressure shall ease off.

Early this month they went on a day-trip to an amusement park out of town. I’m grateful they came back safe and sound and also that I could take this small step towards letting go.

Much as I enjoy my alone time, the happy moments with them are absolutely priceless. I organised a surprise lunch for them on Valentine’s Day and their excitement was a treat to watch. N made some very mushy cards for me while H had a huge hug to offer.

A week later, we went out for dinner. That was a bit of an event because with the Husband away we keep putting off going out for when ‘papa is here’ and things tend to turn a little dull. But one Saturday we all dressed up and went out and it was great fun. I must remember to do it more often.

Apart from the lunches and dinners their everyday laughter and total goofiness never fails to lift my spirits. The other day, the maid went on uninformed leave and as I was getting dinner together bubbling with annoyance H walked into the kitchen, a tulip clutched between his teeth (not a rose and not even a real tulip, for that matter) doing the classic MJ pelvis shake. It would have been absolutely gross had it not been so very ridiculous. And every shed of my annoyance was chased away by the riot of laughter.

It is moments like these that keep me going.



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39 Replies to “Happily, gratefully busy this February”

  1. Okay I can’t even imagine that scene without giggling so I completely understand. Kids can say and do the darndest things at times. 😛

    Glad to hear that February has been good overall for you. The stamina will come back, just don’t push yourself too hard too soon. And then your body will surprise you. In a positive way that is. 🙂

  2. Good to hear about your health! I know what you mean about the importance of it…my mum had to undergo an emergency bypass surgery at 52 even though she was the healthiest person I knew who would walk rain, hail or shine and eat reasonably healthy. They found out 95% of her arteries were clogged and she didn’t have cholesterol issues but it was a genetic thing and the structure of her arteries. That was what got me into being fit because prior to that, I had completely fallen off the wagon and it made me realise, I didn’t want to have to undergo that at 40!

    Glad to hear Feb was good for you. Big Little Lies is one of my favourite books and I read it a while ago before it became a TV series 😉 Liane Moriarty is Aussie after all, so once I found one book, I devoured all of hers.

    1. We hear of so many people these days who are not old at all and yet they have all kinds of heart ailments. That is something both the Husband I dread because there seems to be no waring sign at all. Exercise and medical chekups are very important to keep track of our health.

  3. The best thing I feel is that you decided to venture out with kids and repeat the same in future. The books exchange seems to have been a great experience. Have a great month ahead

    1. I was glad we went out too specially because we will house bound for almost the entire month thanks to their exams.
      Thanks for dropping by Anupriya.

  4. Your Feb sounds lovely and so filled with blessings, Tulika.

    I’m glad your reports were normal and I hope you get back your stamina quickly. That exchange of pre-owned books sounds good, but I’m very particular about lending books to people. I rarely do it and if I do they mean something very very important to me.

    Wishing you more dinners, reading and me-time in March!

    1. Thanks Soumya. I know what you mean about books. I have to admit it was hard decision to let a favourite one go. But then if it goes to a true book lover I’m okay with it.

  5. I am so very happy for you, Tulika. So happy you got the tests done! And yay on the clean chit!I hear you on the walking. Been doing it nightly too and with a twist. I listen to 30 minute podcasts and do it indoors. Manage a brisk half hour and am tired out so I sleep well. Doing it just before bed really seems to help me.

    The kids will be fine and so will you. Don’t stress. I know I say this even as Gy is in the middle of exams and stress levels are high at home, but then, all part of the package. Hope the husband returns soon. Must be tough handling it all alone.

    Wishes and Hugs for a lovely March!

    1. You really know how to make maximum use of your time. You keep saying multitasking is not for you but here you are doing exactly that! Great to hear about the podcasts. What do you listen to?

  6. Finally you got your tests done, Tulika!! Great! And, it’s good that you are going for the walks in the evenings. You did the right thing by concentrating only on the time you walk and did away with the apps. Don’t bother about it all. Don’t even bother if you are able to walk a 10,000 steps and all. Walk for as long as you can and enjoy that time. That will make a lot more difference to you mentally and emotionally which will show in your physical health.

    I love reading about your bachhaas! Such mushy stuff and so warm! Loved that tulip-in-the-mouth jig by H. God bless him! God bless them both!<3

    1. You know na how long I was struggling to to go to the docs? I was so happy/relieved when I did manage to finally do it.
      I’m beginning to enjoy the walks, though I do not manage to go everyday but as I’m enjoying them more and more I find myself making more effort to find that 20 minute window each evening.

  7. A big shout for the all clear on the health front and for starting the evening walk!! Dont ditch the apps- let them motivate you to do better. Use it as a springboard to jump forward – I use them like that as when I get lazy or lose the stamina to walk, I glance at my stats and tell myself that yesterday I did good so today I must do better! Its motivating for me! Plus the stats viewing at the end of the month makes feel proud of pushing mysefl!
    Your kids sound so so adorable Tulika- a big hug from me to them!!

    1. Hmm I guess I will get to the apps soon enough. When I see my old stats all I feel is sadness that I’m not half as good now. So I’m focusing on the stamina bit these days. But I have known the high of seeing your stats become better everyday and shall get back to them soon.

  8. So nice that you had a wonderful February.
    I have been meaning to read ‘Big Little Lies’ for a while now. Will do after finishing ‘Great Expectations’ which I’m loving at the moment 🙂

    1. I need to re-read the classics. I read most of them during school and college and I wonder if I will have the patience to read that kind of language and lengthy complicated descriptions now.

  9. Sounds like a good February! And yay for getting a clean chit with your tests! When it comes to walking and fitness, it’s best to ditch the apps! Just focus on your 20 minute walk, and slowly increase how much you can walk in 20 mins. That’s the best gauge of improving stamina and strength. 🙂

  10. Tulika, Tulika! It is absolutely fine to think your main source of happiness is from your children. There were times I would worry about that, but I no longer do it. I wear it like a badge of pride. You know why? Because it is unconditional both ways.

    Enjoy the “me” time, as well as the “we” time! Good to hear you had a pretty good month! With exercise, well begun is half done, literally. It is always getting up and going that are the biggest issues. Once you are out there you really want to walk more than you planned! By the way, do practice stretching and warming up. That really helps.

    Hugs and thanks for participating in the Gratitude Circle. Wishing your kids a happy summer vacation! Any travel plans? And have you signed up for the April AtoZ?

    1. Thanks for the validation Vidya. I needed to hear it.
      Thanks also for that tip on warming up. We do that as a rule during Yoga and Zumba but I end up forgetting each time I go for a walk. Will do it.
      I haven’t signed up for A to Z. I did think about it but it seems difficult with the children’s exams.

  11. Your Feb has been good indeed! It’s good you got your tests done and got the reports investigated too! We mums and women in general try putting off such bothersome chores till there is cause for worry (yours truly included!). I hear you on the exercising bit, I have been interminably stalling those evening walks, yes, someday I shall. Sighh! Enjoy those little moments of childhood innocence and unmitigated love the kids shower on you, these are the wonder years that will sadly never come back, sniff, sniff!

    1. Aw Kala, you’re right. I do need to enjoy this time with the children.
      Do get to that evening walk. I am keeping at it, going as often as I can. And it is making a difference already.

  12. Yes, health is important… Glad that your reports were normal and your heart is all healthy. Don’t worry too much about numbers. Just keep your pace and you will be even better than before.
    The image of your kid with flower between his teeth is so funny… Kids and their innocent ways Glad you took them out for dinner and had fun Afterall, mommy is cool too.

  13. Health is very important, We all need to prioritize it, gives one a shiver when we hear about people so young departing, last week a young handsome guy a few doors down the road passed away and he was So healthy I thought, well built and all…

    I too go for a long walk every lunch time and the last 2-3 months of exercises is working i think fingers crossed ..

    God bless the little ones , kids can bring a smile anytime and in any situation 🙂

    1. You’re right. There are so many instances of seemingly healthy people passing away suddenly that it’s scary. Puts everything in perspective, doesn’t it? We really need to re-evaluate our priorities.

  14. Touchwood! About the health bit. I think all of us could relate with Sridevi’s untimely death especially as mothers. It hit home even harder as I shared in the post I wrote. Kudos for clearing all the tests. I get a health check done every year. And good work about the evening walks. It will feel that way initially but slowly you will build stamina. Just keep at it. Good to hear about the Valentine’s Day lunch and the dinner. After your recommendation I read Big Little Lies and loved it. Overall a good February for you and I am sure March will be lovely as well.

  15. What a lovely peek into your life. When you talk about N and H, I think of my brother and me. We are not twins but a year apart and growing up we had so much fun troubling Mum. Papa was the serious kinds so we stayed pretty decent but Mum was fun so we enjoyed tricking her 🙂 May you continue to have mushy cards and tulips. Hugs, will always be there I know.
    Books, time out with kids and health – all good things to focus on. Forget all the apps and just get regular to walk. You will see the stamina improve. I have been regular at my workouts and I am loving side planks. This was my weak point a last year and now it’s happens. So, you know what I mean. What you feed, will grow. So let’s feed good health. Hugs and have a lovely March!

    1. Kids with just a year’s age difference would be tougher to handle I think, than twins. But the good bit is you are constant company to each other.
      I am continuing my walk and I already feel better, it is getting easier and I find myself picking up pace.

  16. YOu are making memories for your Kids!! Fun filled moments with laughter and family are what we would cherish for years to come. Glad you had a share of it in Feb. Exchanging books is a great way, and glad we have bloggers sharing their books. I am yet to read Big Little Lies. And having heard so much about it, I better pick it up.

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