The Gratitude road to Happiness

The Gratitude road to Happiness

Early this week my Whatsapp crashed. Surprisingly, I didn’t miss it much. I found I quite liked the freedom from endless forwards, specially those ‘wife’ jokes. (Aaarrrghh!! They drive me even crazier when they come from women or men in perfectly happy relationships). Of course I missed some messages from friends but I was fine with that.

A Bad Patch

Coupled with the phone malfunction is the fact that over the past ten days or so the children have given me an exceptionally hard time and that perhaps, made me even more reluctant to communicate (or blog). Do you have days like that – so bad that they’re not even worth a rant? When you just want to shut yourself and wallow? And then when you find yourself friendless, you feel sorry for yourself, never mind that you’ve not made the effort to reach out to them in the first place? Well so that’s where I was. And not having a phone just helped me let myself be. I didn’t realise that being  alone made me crabbier and lonelier.

I Tried…

to pull myself out. I stepped out more than I normally do and I kept going for my yoga classes, more regularly than ever, even though I didn’t have my heart in it at all.

It helped, but only temporarily.

A few days later my phone crashed completely! That was the very last straw. Things had to look up after that and they did.

In a better place

Yesterday, finally, I fixed my new phone. Whatsapp is up and running and I’m back to deleting the wife jokes while smiling at some of the others. I’ve had yet another chat with the kids and I have a breakfast date planned with friends. Which is why, the sun seems to be out in the sky and I am in a happier space, today… now. I hope to take each day – one by one.

Attempting gratitude

That is why I am doing this gratitude post today because like my good friend Vidya says, the not so good times are the ones when you most need to practice gratitude.

At number 1 has to be The Husband, who despite being out of town, was available at all odd hours trying to sort us out, taking SOS calls from me and the children, complaining about each other.

At number two would be a gift that arrived quite unexpectedly, from Write Tribe, and cheered me up enormously.

Lastly, another attempt at pulling myself out of the depression induced torpor made me register for the #MyFriendAlexa campaign by Blogchatter. For my non blogger friends here, this just means that I will be blogging twice a week through September. Honestly, that’s all I’m focusing on. That the blog will benefit in google rankings (which is what I understand about  Alexa Ranks) will remain a side benefit.

So there. That’s it.

The single most important learning through this month has been …

Sometimes no one can help us except us. Click To Tweet

I hope to remember that. Somedays the only thing to do is to keep going through the motions, no matter how half heartedly, and wait for the clouds to pass because they just will.


Linking up with Vidya’s Gratitude Circle


I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa’ and Blogchatter. My current Rank is: 2,244,955.

16 Replies to “The Gratitude road to Happiness”

  1. Hey Tulika, hope you find the light at the end of the tunnel. Some days its really hard to practice gratitude but then, its the need of the hour amidst stress.

  2. Days so bad they’re not even worth a rant? Tell me about it!
    Your phone malfunction proved to be a boon for you. I’m so happy you participated in this. My intent was the same, to write twice and enjoy the process. Rankings are an added bonus, if they do improve. 🙂

  3. Awww, big hugs. I know some weeks address the worst! I had a couple of those this year and I couldn’t wait for them to pass. I’m so glad you liked for the sunshine in the clouds because that’s the Tulika I know. And yeah, this age is horrid, the kids, I mean. You either love them totally or can’t wait to see their backs when they act smart. Sigh, we live and learn. All the best with Alexa!

    1. Thanks Shailaja. I knew you’d understand. The clouds seem to be blowing over, though I am almost afraid to say that :-). Looking forward to happier days and more blogging.

  4. What you felt with Whatsapp, I feel with FB messenger. I don’t have the FB app or the messenger app on my phone and I love it! I do keep whatsapp for contact with family more than anything else. Luckily I don’t get forwards. Good to see how being grateful helped. I really keep thinking about it but haven’t put it into action. And thanks for explaining the MyAlexa thingy…kept seeing it on Twitter and had no clue!

  5. Take care of you. And thank you so much for the continued support on my blog.
    I’m attempting gratitude in my life, as well, and it seems to be helping.

    I added a linky list on my blog where you can add any of your posts I’ve missed and you think I, or my audience, should read.

  6. Aiyoo on the phone. While I too get annoyed by Whatsapp’s silly forwards, I like that phones keep us connected. And then the pictures 😉 Blogging regularly is a good thing and glad you are on the campaign. Wish you good luck and a calmer September. 🙂

  7. Welcome aboard the crazy and fun ride of Alexa, Tulika!
    You’ve been through a rough August, which ended well. All’s well that ends well, eh?
    Wishing you wonderful September that makes up for August 🙂

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