Why I’m loving being Mean Mum

Why I’m loving being Mean Mum

“You’re done H, you can go. N you need to revise the last two chapters again,” said I wrapping up the revision for the day.
“That’s not fair, she deserves her free time too”, chirped up H.
Eh? What was that? Who was that? I looked up surprised at this vehement protest from the most unexpected quarters.
I have, many times in the past, rued the fact that the twins never see eye to eye on anything, anything at all. They have a different sets of friends and often enjoy playing different games.
Over the last few weeks, however, I’ve noticed a change – the beginning of a partnership, a truce of sorts against a common enemy. Moi!
As I’ve pushed and prodded them towards their books, they’ve ducked and dillydallied to the best of their ability and they’ve perhaps decided that they need to join forces to combat the onslaught :-).
After N finished her two extra chapters she walked off to her room and I overheard them talking, “So not fair na, we don’t even need to study so much. We can’t call our friends over even on weekends.” says he.
She nods in agreement, “I couldn’t plan a single prank for April Fools Day. And it comes just once in 365 days. Imagine! So unfair.”
Hah! I feel so smug! I cannot stop grinning.
Even as I type this they’re playing table tennis without a table, with a bouncy ball shouting in laughter during their break – the break which started out at 15 minutes and has stretched to almost an hour. I just don’t have the heart to break up their camaraderie. They talk and laugh and wrestle and play computer games together.
I am going to grab complete credit for this transformation. The truce is so charming I am almost glad of the exams. Almost. I hope it extends beyond the exams too.
And so here’s the learning for the day:
If you want your kids to become best buddies try turning into Mean Mom.


PS: It has the side benefit of getting their studies done and may also be useful in inculcating some great habits.


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  1. I like this! I’ll have to see if this works with a preschooler and a near-toddler. Being Mean Mom comes to me fairly naturally, anyway. 🙂

  2. I've done the iron hand in velvet glove on occasion, but I've raised such an affectionate fella that he never holds anything against me! In fact, I am the one feeling secretly guilty for being tough. Ah well…all seem so long ago now. 🙂 Are those your kids in the pic? Lovely long hair!

    1. I know how that goes. I hate the guilt once the anger is gone, unless i'm faking the anger to begin with. Nope that picture isn't theirs. N has had a recent haircut and a rather really short one this time.

  3. So smart of you, Tulika. It's nice when kids get along, isn't it? My sister and I were like twins, being just an year apart and we fought most of the time. But it wasn't all that bad. Now my kids are 7 years apart and one of them is only 6 months old. How they will turn out to be only time will tell. Will keep this trick in mind. 🙂

    1. Oh my sister and I fought too but somewhere along the way we became best friends and now we talk everyday on the phone and dream about a road trip with just each other and no one else.

  4. Brilliant! Cygnet is an only child and will likely remain so, so I guess I'll never have to deal with warring siblings. Reverse psychology is great though. Pen x #mg

  5. Haha. I am referee at present. Let me become mean referee now. I also noticed when they have different choices and they want me to decide on it, I put the onus on them. I tell them to agree among themselves and let me know what they decide. It helps them to learn negotiation and I am spared implementing something one of them do not like.

  6. This is so funny. I wish I had a cute sibling story to narrate, but my brother is much older, and always on my parents' side. So it was usually all three of them against poor me!

  7. Hahahah, thats funny Tulika. I an even remember my own two kids- at some point starting to gang up against me…. know what I mean?:-) they are just too clever that 's what they are – with so smart moms as ourselves – what to expect though:-) hahah

  8. Haha…that's deviously clever. I do remember my sister and I bonding over the unfairness of our parents. But then again, she seemed to be their favourite so it was usually me against her!

    1. Aw Sanch, nothing like a sister to bond with. As for favourites – I think each of thinks the other one is the favourite one. Ask your sister.

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