Wet towels and crazy mornings #momdialogues

Wet towels and crazy mornings #momdialogues

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Cool Mom: Is leaving a wet towel on the bed reason enough to spoil everyone’s morning, and that includes yours more than anyone else’s?

Agitated Mom: It’s not just the towel and you know that. It’s ‘put away your plates after breakfast’, ‘put cream’, ‘pick up your jacket from the floor’, ‘take your tiffin’, ‘put in your bottles’ and on and on endlessly. To have to remind them every single day for every single task is just crazy. That towel was just the last straw. Besides, who does it if they don’t? I, right? That’s how I’ll be spending my entire day – cleaning up after them. What’s even more ironical I’ll also have people saying, ‘What do you do all day?’ The kids are grown up now.’ Hah! Grown up!!!

CM: Sigh! Such a long tirade! You could simply leave the towel on the bed.
AM: What?? Just leave it? So the bed and the towel become wet and stinky?
CM: Yeah well it’s the kids’ beds. They have to sleep in them. Let then sleep with the stink. That’ll remind them to put out the towels next time round.
AM: And what if they don’t? What if they don’t mind it at all? What if they get used to it? How hygienic is that? And what kind of a life-long habit am I helping them form?
CM: I’ll repeat – choose your battles. Choose your timing. The other option is of course to lose your patience, to give them an earful and then feel lousy all day long. As for life-long habits – they have time yet to pick them up. You want the kids to look back on their school days and remember only crazy mornings?
AM: No obviously not.
CM: The trouble is not with telling them to do stuff, the trouble is with you losing your cool when you do so. So how about playing some peaceful music, taking up your cup of tea and thinking happy thoughts – like the time N made you tea, remember? They do some good too. Oh and don’t forget to put yourself on repeat mode till they learn to finish their tasks, okay? It’s just one crazy hour, after all.

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This isn’t the first time I have had multiple mums fighting it out in my head. You can read about other mommy wars herehere and here.

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33 Replies to “Wet towels and crazy mornings #momdialogues”

  1. Haha..I can imagine that now that I have my 7 yo nephew staying with me some times. I use my Hitler tone to get things done, because I don't want to pick up after him, too. I already pick up after hubby! ;D
    But, at times, I am the cool n crazy aunt he can confide in…so that sort of covers up for the Hitler-giri …hehehe

  2. I can thoroughly understand this scenario! I am calm person otherwise but at times like this, I lose my cool. In fact the complete house is scared when I show that angry avatar of mine and then everything is back in order. That too in winter the wet towel becomes one big issue every morning!

  3. Omg. I get that totally. I may be calm in so many ways, but the wet towel on the bed, ugh. There's not a day I don't say, don't put damp clothes in the cupboard. Don't wear damp clothes. Don't… Don't… to my son. All in my head though, because, who wants to hear all that?

    Hugs! Love your posts.

  4. We haven't reached this stage yet but I sure do see signs. So let me keep the agitation to a minimum but keep saying it till it gets ingrained in his little head :p. It is really hard to choose your battles. And I guess mornings are crazy for everyone with kids 😉

  5. Happy new year Tulika!…This post is something that I totally can relate to both as AM and as the child…Because apparently I was like this as a child…Though I think my mother is lying��….But there are days when all I seem to do is be on a repeat mode….Hopefully children will learn soon and we will indeed have the time that people think we have…

    1. Heh heh.. we were all like that I think. That repeat mode can so get to you, specially when there is little or no reaction. A very Happy New Year to you and your family too. Hugs to your little one.

  6. At our home, it is the husband who needs the verbal dose. The kid is yet to get started with these activities, wet towel and all 😀
    Well, kids never grow up.My Mr is proof enough 😛
    I hope the cool mom wins. And I guess the Agitated mom does 😉
    I empathise. Wholeheartedly, and with a living specimen at home 😀

  7. So much of a battle here. That seems more tiring than repeatedly telling kids to remove the towel or removing it yourself 😀 (P.S. my mom still keeps telling me I wouldn't ever grow up. But after all the years, she hasn't given up on me 😀 :D)

  8. Oh the battle of the mornings. I would say don't pick it up, don't dry it, just give them the same stinky wet towel the next morn… And it's winter so it would be even more fun �� OK don't listen to me… I am not good with giving any solution … I wish you good luck ��

  9. I think every mom is familiar with this sort of a dialogue. Most of the times I am the cool mom. But then there are time I lose my coolness and get violent. Now my son knows to choose his battle right when I am out of control. 🙂 So what happened? I hope the cool mom won!

  10. I like the Cool Mom's advice in the last but more than that I liked the term Mummy Wars. There are definitely different set of mums sitting in our heads- agigated mum, regretting mum, pacifying mum, cool mum and sometimes the mum who brings a fool proof idea to deal with stuff as if it were the God's message.

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