Birthdays gifts and badly kept secrets

Birthdays gifts and badly kept secrets

With Christmas around the corner I was going through my wish list checking to see what gifts I’d saved away, and I came upon this – a bunch of wallets, flashy ones – one with a peacock feather motif, another one all gold and shimmery and a third bright pink one. 

I stared at them. And I wondered. Not for the life of me could I fathom in what fit of bling I had ‘wish-listed’ these. My memory is not quite what it used to be, but I was certain I wouldn’t do this. It just wasn’t me. 

Before I go on, you need to know that my birthday is round the corner. And nobody  is ever as excited about it as H and N — not my friends, not my parents, definitely not the Husband (who once made the cardinal error of forgetting it, and is not likely to forget it in a hurry ever again) and most definitely not I. I mean of course I like it when someone remembers it but that’s where it should end. The hoo-haa is kind of embarrassing but then when have the kids ever worried about what embarrasses me? They start planning months in advance and they make up for everyone else … they create enough of a hoo-haa to satisfy the most hoo-haa craving person.
Every year they scrimp and scrounge to get me a small gift. This year they decided to enlist the help of Mr Moneybags – the Husband. I’ve overheard secret phone calls which they think I have no clue about and eavesdropped on whispered arguments which they think I cannot hear. 
They first convinced him to order a book from Amazon. The rather proactive Husband, did so right away and I received my birthday gift in November – more than a month in advance. 
I was suitably surprised at how apt their choice was and very thrilled too … but the children decided it came too early and so didn’t really qualify as a birthday gift. Now, they have taken things in their own more capable hands, or so they think, and they’ve been furiously surfing Amazon. Only – they have no clue that the things they ‘secretly’ save in a wishlist is my wishlist. That’s how those clutches/wallets came from – all N’s choice!

Since I made the discovery I’ve been logging in everyday to see a new set of gifts. They seem to change their mind everyday. The latest is this – a personalised ‘I love you mama’ cushion and a World’s Best Mom trophy.

I’m waiting with baited breath to see which one makes it to the final day.

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  1. This is such a cute post! I was smiling from ear to ear reading this. That line about 'the kids planning something hoo-haa that would satisfy the most hoo-haa loving person' is too hilarious 😀

    I want to know what their reaction will be when they realise that it was your wishlist they were saving things to! If I were in your situation, I'd be dropping subtle hints by adding things that I wanted into my wishlist, so that could have spurred them on in the right direction 😀

    What to do, I'm still a teenage drama queen brat!

  2. It's lovely isnt it, the fact that kids put in efforts to pick that perfect gift for the parent. And actually whatever the gift maybe, it surely is priceless.

    And yeah you have to play along with them and act surprised, ' lest u spoil their joy. These are surely moments of joy.

  3. Lucky you! I do envy women with daughters. They're so sweet and thoughtful. Not that sons are not. But I feel daughters are more in sync with your needs and interests. Look forward to seeing updates on what your birthday is actually like!

  4. You sneaky mumma! This account of your children's ultra secret mission left me chuckling. The most appropriate gift among all those from your wishlist is the World's best mom trophy. Imagine you unwrap the wrapping paper and he next moment you are holding the world cup like trophy. Oops I forgot, you will already know if they order that from your amazon account 😀

  5. You have the most thoughtful kids in the world Tulika !
    I remember being the same as a kid , even now my love for surprising the loved one is not a secret from you (remember the the 40th surprise B'day party?)
    How I wish my kids plan some surprise for me some day …. till then I will wait to get surprised 🙂
    Enjoy the innocent love and attention . Lots of love to H n N !

  6. Awww This is the cutest read this morning. Warmed my heart. I love the way the kids whisper and plan their cute surprises 🙂 My kids I think more about online shopping than I so they are savvy that way. But the younger son sometimes almost gives away the surprise while the elder son gives black looks. 🙂

    1. Between my sister and me it was I who would give away the secret and she'd always be frustrated. I can understand the black looks from the older one :-D.

  7. Awww, that is so cute! I remember how I and my brother would do the same for my mother's birthday. And how she loved the little things we gifted her saving our pocket money and at times even taking a loan from her to gift her on her birthday!
    Waiting to hear what you get for this birthday! <3

  8. Aww how cute of them! And what a wonderful advance gift indeed that you've gotten! We have the best of ideas for surprises as kids don't we? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 🙂

  9. Oh my this is so cute! How sweet of them to 'wishlist' things for you and not to realise that it's onto your own wishlist for viewing is so terribly funny. What a precious memory for you to look back on one day. You are obviously doing some great parenting when they are so invested in finding you the perfect (in their eyes) gift.

  10. If only they knew how 'real' their 'virtual' gifts were! The effort and time that someone puts into making or finding the perfect gift. is what makes it super special! Oh..and some brownie points for 'keeping it a secret'! 😉

  11. How adorable! I am waiting to see which wallet makes it through. You'd be perfect for it, I tell you. Aren't kids the best when it comes to birthdays and secrets that they think they're keeping? It's worth realizing that these cuties were so tiny a while ago. Look at them now. All grown up.

  12. Aww how cute is that…I love celebrations…my daughter also talks her dad and gets me a cake to cut for the midnight…last 3 years since she has started to understand birthdays…I get this cake and some chocolatey kisses and bear hugs…which make my day, year and life…wish you a happy birthday in advance tulika…I hope your lovelies make it extra special for you…

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