Where did my babies go?

Where did my babies go?

Warm cuddly nights

A tiny hand wrapped around my finger
Baby hands reaching out for me
A spark of recognition in a bright pair of eyes
A toothless smile
Uncertain feet staggering around
A lisped out ‘mama
A tight hug after the first day at school
An invisible hurt that needed a caress
The best of time.
Then they grew up and all of that seemed a dream.‘I can make my own ponytail,’ she insists.
No hugs at the bus stop, please mama,’ says he.
You don’t need to watch us while we play,’ they roll their eyes!
No longer do they follow me around.
No longer am I needed all the while.

Where did my ‘babies’ go?

And then I see..
A half tucked in t-shirt needing attention.
‘Combed’ hair that refuses to sit.
A small hand tightening in mine as a dog strays too close
The call of ‘Come na ma‘ as they dance to crazy music
A ‘You have to read this one, mama.
A ‘just like that’ hug when I least expect it
That’s when I find them again.
Yes they’ll need me –
For cheering at the football match
For clapping at their graduation
For blowing up when they stay out late
For celebrating their first jobs
For crying at their weddings
For pampering their children
For that hug they’ll want but might not ask forYes they’ll need me always

and they’ll remain … my babies.Always!

Sending out warm wishes to everyone on Valentine’s Day. Hope you have a warm and wonderful time with your loved ones.

42 Replies to “Where did my babies go?”

    1. Thanks Sanch. There are times when as a mom I get a twinge of "OMG they don't want me around" but in the larger picture it feels good that need me in different ways.

  1. Beautifully penned, Tulika. Their needs change with them. They are not that dependent but moms are always special. Wish you a very happy Valentine's Day as well.

  2. My 5 year doesn't like to be called 'baby' and speaks in long complete paragraphs… Here I just want to slow it all down a wee bit! Very well written Tulika…

  3. This is such a nice post…while a part of thinks oh there is going to be no respite from motherhood duties…I would have it no other way…lovely writing tulika

  4. Tulika, you are amazing! Your poem brought a lump in my throat. Loved every word you have weaved so gently, with so much love for your babies. . Beautiful indeed!

  5. Aww! This was so beautiful. I think for parents, children will always be children even if they are adults and likewise, children will always need their parents irrespective of their age!

    1. Absolutely right. The twins are at the stage when they are only beginning to enjoy their new found independence. Can be a heady experience.

  6. My parents, especially my Mom seems to see us grown adults as "children" and we will always be that in her eyes…hopefully not 'babies' though only as a term of endearment, of course! 😉 <3

  7. This is beautiful Tulika…I think every mom feels this way…I know my mom does…she tells us how she wonders where did my two daughters go and that how she misses us…

    A very warm and heart touching one

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