#Microblog Mondays – Chests and Breasts!

#Microblog Mondays – Chests and Breasts!

“I want to run at the Pinkathon too”, said H this weekend. I spoke about how I was participating in it here and H got all excited too.

“You cannot”, said I, “it’s for women only”.
“Well because the race is to generate awareness about breast cancer and only women get breast cancer so the race is for women only.”
“Why don’t men get breast cancer?”
“Because men don’t have breasts.”
“But I have a breast”, said H pointing to his….well chest.

Apparently this is something I’d overlooked, using the unisex ‘chest’ rather than ‘breast’ when talking to the kids and they ended up using them interchangeably.

“Ummm.. That’s your chest, not a ‘breast’ “, said I struggling to explain the difference. 

After a long drawn out explanation H finally caught on. Then nodding his head wisely he summed it up – “Oh so women have breasts on their chests and men just have chests.” 

Yeah right.

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Edited to add: Going by the comments that breast cancer was not so uncommon among men any longer I decided to pass on the information to H. Here’s what he had to say..
“So some men get it too?”
“Do some men also have a uterus?”
“No, they don’t.”
“Can you tell me a few diseases that ONLY men get?”

I’m off now..

27 Replies to “#Microblog Mondays – Chests and Breasts!”

  1. The phrase sticking in my head now is chests with breasts 🙂

    I actually don't think the incident of breast cancer in men is that low anymore. And there are benign tumours in men, too.

  2. Tulika – Please let your kids know that men get breast cancer too. Maybe in a smaller percentage…but they do. 🙂 I've written a post about it on my health blog. 🙂

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