Fitting in

Fitting in

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Desperate sobs wracked her tiny frame as she stood there alone, clutching her doll.
A bunch of girls played close by ignoring her with deliberate ease. Not one made a move to approach her .. to soothe, to befriend, to console.
Why would they? Wasn’t it they who had refused to include her?
“Just look at that monster,” they’d said, laughing at her.
Her crime?
Her doll didn’t ‘fit in’.

Who said children couldn’t be cruel?

And with that nine-liner we kick off the week-long Festival of Words at Write Tribe. Today we were required to write a piece of fiction consisting of exactly nine sentences.
For more super nine-liners click here.
I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3
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51 Replies to “Fitting in”

  1. So much depth in those 9 sentences!!! In a global community like ours, we need to take some extra effort to inculcate feelings of compassion and acceptance. Kids can be cruel, but they usually reflect the maliciousness projected by the adults in their families.

  2. How often do we judge on appearances? Realistic fiction that makes readers sad is a sign that empathy is alive in our society. Those of us who see injustice must continue to stand up and fight for what is right not only for ourselves but especially for those who can't fight for themselves.

    1. Definitely is Rajrupa but it's hard to combat peer pressure. I just hope that my constant drumming in of values is getting registered somewhere.

  3. Snobs are not born. Snobs are made. If only parents took extra care to give them lessons in loving, caring and sharing right from the tender age when they start observing and absorbing all that goes on around them.

    1. Geeta, you're right. I am continuously struggling with kids on either side of the story. Teaching them to stand up for their friends is a hard task but one I'm at all the time.

  4. 🙁 not-fitting-in, a ill that we fight even till date. Children's cruelty can be still turned with good upbringing but what about the mature-bullies 🙁

  5. These bitter sweet moments of childhood are very rare these days…one thing is but obvious that they mess with each other and soon they clear it up too….lovely

  6. That picture explains the whole story aptly. Being left out is a sad sad thing. I've been there, felt that many a time ( not necessarily in the doll scenario though ). In fact, most of us have been through this, at least once in our lives. This happening with children is even more painful. 🙁 Crisp narrative, tulika ji.

  7. beautifully captured how beautifully kids can be cruel too. But their cruelty is innocent unlike adults where its born out of selfish motives!

    1. You're bang on about this. Kids forget much much faster and will probably be playing together the next day. That truly is the best thing about them.

  8. Your story resonates with me, as I was that child who didn't fit in. I was still very young when I decided I didn't want to try to fit in anymore as it was too painful. And the characters in my head were much more fun that potential playmates who didn't really want me.

    As adults, they don't remember the initial rejections and cruelties ( or choose not to). They remember me seemingly having fun without them, rejecting them (unintentionally). I suppose they "grew up" while I wasn't looking and tried to befriend me, and by then, I had moved on.

    1. Kudos to you that you stopped caring. However real friends do play an important role in our lives and can be so much fun. But I guess as a child you found the best way to survive happily.

  9. You have sent a strong message thru a simple story of 9 lines. Yes even the world of children can be cruel. The pic of all the 'perfect' dolls who bodies and minds have adhered to the vital statistics of the society have segregated the doll without a limb.A very nice story Tulika.

  10. I agree with Eli… that picture alone speaks a thousand haunting words. And yes, I have seen such kids myself and if I've tried to even hint to their parents that their kid maybe going down a wrong path, I've been given the choicest abuses.

  11. Aaa- that picture tells it all doesn't it?:-) A kids… yes, but maybe then even as important that we adults show a good example and be inclusive and never judgmental:-) I love how you can put an important message and see it from a child's perspective – few but oh how emotional words. Poor little girl..:-(

  12. That is so sad!!

    yea, kids can be pretty cruel.. bullying and "not fitting into an image", peer pressure – all these are tough on little kids..

  13. That is so sad and cruel. Unfortunately, it's also true. Struggling to fit in is not new and I am sad to see it happen even in today's kids. There's a post I have wanted to write for a while. Not been able to bring myself to do it yet 🙁

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