Piece of cake

Piece of cake

Girls and boys, brides and bachelors, busy mums and cooking challenged dads… here’s a cake anyone can make.

I’m not much of a cook and even less of a baker. My mum did her baking in that old fashioned round electric oven and then later on in an OTG. All I have is a microwave and I’m not really convinced it can make a good cake. However, I’m always on the look out for easy no-fuss stuff. The other day I stumbled upon this recipe that promised a cake “in less than five minutes” and I had to try it.

The good part
The ingredients are easily available, the recipe is simple enough with no heavy duty mixing/whisking plus it really does get made in five minutes. What’s even better .. it’s just a mug-full of cake, finishes fast so my weightloss keeps on track. Also, the kids can do it almost on their own.

Here’s how it goes..

4 tbsps flour
4 tbsps sugar
3 tbsps oil
3 tbsps milk
2 tbsps beaten egg
1 tbsp cocoa
1/4 tspn baking powder
Few drops of vanilla essence

The recipe uses chocolate chips, which I didn’t have, so went without.

Method: Mix everything together in a cup and put in the microwave (in what we call the ‘donkey mode’) for 2.5 – 3 minutes and it’s ready to be served.

The chefs with their creation. Forgot to get a closeup of the cake in all the excitement.

Now for the catch
Eat it up quickly. Keep it for a while and it turns into a hard hard ‘biscuit cake’ as the kids call it. However, since it’s such a small thing it finishes fast.. so there.

Try it.

4 Replies to “Piece of cake”

  1. Astronaut better.. Thank God.
    You're so right about school's setting projects that have to be done by parents. Thankfully their's is a shade better than a lot of others.
    Kid's school? No way.. no head for business.

  2. Even less of a baker .. hehe 🙂

    Your such an activity mom.. encouraging the kids to take part in the exercises.. I hope the poor astronaut is now back on his feet after being sick and floating in space .. 🙂

    These days, kids school create exercises where it is the mum who does the work and the kids are simply a display stand.. If the kid is too young to do such a task, why have it then in the first place?

    Whatever job your in now, resign it immediately and start a kid's school.. you'll make masth money..

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