Fancy dress in the middle of illness – N

Fancy dress in the middle of illness – N

It’s been a bad month. We’ve taken turns to fall ill for the last three weeks.
But we’re kindered spirits and we bounce back pretty soon. Being ill didn’t mean we stopped having fun. For starters there was the fancy dress contest. Oh we had loads of fun. Bhai finally did go as Lalu. He was so excited he walked on stage (with mama) much before his cue. The announcer who was saying ‘here is the man who likes to keep people waiting’ ended up looking a little foolish because bhai was already there!! So she shooed him away backstage till she finished her introduction speech and then he made a grand re-entry.

Then it was my turn and mama handed over bhai to her friend right in front of the stage and ran back for me. I went as a fairy princess. Mama did make wings for me. She tried to make me wear my dress at home but I went crazy trying to look at my wings. Since they were on my back it was quite a struggle to look at them… imagine having something really exciting stuck to your back! Anyway. so off came the dress. I got to wear it barely five minutes before my stage appearance.

All those bright lights were a bit daunting and I felt a little lost though mama was right behind me. Then I heard all the aunties calling out my name and I grew comfortable. Just as I was beginning to enjoy myself the announcer aunty said ‘a big round of applause for this little fairy princess’ and mama was marching me off the stage.

So that was our first stage appearance.

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