New kid on the block

H says….

Being a kid is not really nice. People around take you for granted and don’t bother to update you even on the most important matters. Imagine there’s going to be a brand new addition to the family and no one bothered to tell us. That’s grossly unfair considering that he’ll be closer to us being from the kid fraternity. And when I say ‘he’ I’m not being chauvinistic or presumptuous – I overheard mami herself say that everyone’s saying it’ll be a boy! I’m all set to be ‘Big Brother’. N, I think, is a little immature to be big sister, though. She’s still quite a kid.I got thinking when mama and nani started sorting our old clothes. And then all that talk of due dates and name lists started making sense. Though we were a bit miffed for being let into the action so late, we’re just too excited to hold any grudges. Imagine a baby smaller than us… I mean babies are soooo cute.. and I’m just thrilled we stayed on here in Lucknow.

Coming into the world all on your own can be quite daunting. N and I will try our best to make it a little easy for him. We at least had each other for company but god only knows how other kids manage. Imagine being pushed out into a world where all that’s familiar are a few voices among a cacophony of hundreds of others!! God.. is it NOISY out here or what! And all those lights…the crowds…….it’s terrifying. Even N, who was so impatient to get out and explore, bawled like a baby. I AM glad we’ll be around to help out this new one. A word of advice from big bro here – no matter what people around you do just remember this – “They mean well”. Go with the flow and life will be cool. Bye then – see you around soon. Cheerio (as mass would say in her English class)
PS: Just a last tip – It helps to develop different cry tones for different problems. Makes life easy for the moms – work on it.
… and N adds…What shall I have him call me?…. Ummm… should it be N didi or just didi or maybe chhoti didi since I am the youngest didi. I think N didi sounds best. And H bhai I am NOT immature, I’m just a minute younger than you, remember? And that too, I suspect, is purely by chance. Had the Doctor pulled me out first, things would have been different. But hey I’m digressing. This is really exciting news. How typically uncaring of the older lot that we weren’t let in on the secret for so long, considering all this was going on since before we were born! Anyway, what’s important is that I’ll no longer be the youngest one around and AM I glad. I was just about tiring of the what-a-small-baby routine. Can’t wait for December 23.

Hey you young one, H bhai and I are there for you. Like he said, remember people around mean well but don’t let anyone take you for granted. Don’t let them push you into anything and do raise your voice if the petting gets too much but most important – have fun.

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