I am five! – N

November 4, 2006

It’s been a long time since my last post but so much has been happening that both H bhai and I have been kept very busy. For starters we turned five yesterday – that is months not years.

Teary tales…
I feel such a grown up girl and things have certainly changed. For starters I discovered tears (September 28, 06). And I realized that there’s no better way to get attention than to turn on the waterworks. Pair it off with my lung power and I’m invincible. You should see mama scampering for my bottle of milk when I start off. I’m sure they’ll come in handy later on in life too.

…. And smiles galore
If tears are powerful, smiles are even more so. Don’t believe me??? Well just drop in sometime and see everyone shouting himself hoarse, clapping and jumping around just to get a single smile from me. Grown ups sure look silly sometimes and I can’t help but laugh. That seems to make them very happy.

But I just can’t stop smiling now that I’ve discovered how much fun it is.

Learning to cuddle
Remember how I used to hate to cuddle? Well I still don’t like it as much as Hrit Bhai but I’ve resigned myself to being kissed and hugged. After all how long could I have resisted in this huggy-kissy family? To begin with I simply turned the other cheek, Gandhi ji style, when someone kissed me but now I’m actually learning to enjoy it. Also, with winter setting in there’s no better way to keep warm than a cosy lap.

I became Thumbelina
One day (October 1, 06) while I was trying to pass those interminable between feed hours busily sucking my fist guess what I discovered???? – That a thumb is much more fun. Yes I’ve learnt to suck my thumb. And did you know that toes are just as great?
But it seems the entire world is set against me. No matter how surreptitiously I try to take my thumb to my mouth someone or the other is sure to notice. Mama actually whacks me hard on my hand. How anyone can do that to a cute kid like me is beyond my comprehension. I’ve heard that in the US kids can sue their parents for hitting them. I’m seriously considering migration….
Nani and nana are gentler. Nana simply says ‘No N No’ while nani just pretends to smack my hand!!! Now I have to wear mittens and socks all the while and it’s just not the same. Bhai doesn’t mind it though and happily laps up his mittens but I’m more of a connoisseur I guess.

Turning over a new leaf
On October 13 I turned over onto my stomach for the very first time. Lying on my back was really getting tiresome. This is so much fun. What’s better it keeps everyone on their toes, which means I always have someone or the other by my side.

Trying to move
Now that I’m turning over easily I can’t wait to move around. The other day I got on my knees and tried to propel myself forward by my head but just couldn’t manage it. Anyway ‘try try try till you succeed – that’s my mantra.’

Parting thought
Why does everyone assume we kids like everything sweet? From our milk to ALL our medicines – Lord! Am I sick of sweet stuff!!!

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