This thing called love

This thing called love

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It makes one laugh, it makes one cry
It matures in a moment, yet brings out the child
It’s the simplest thing yet ever so complicated
It freezes time yet makes the world go round

A strength a weakness, a puzzle to solve

What is it
this thing called Love?

It drives some crazy yet is someone’s sanity
Some hold on for it, some let go for it

Some kill for it some die for it
All pervasive yet oh so elusive

Simply strange yet strangely simple 
that’s what it is, this thing called Love.

Beyond analysis, beyond thought
Beyond all what the mind has wrought

It is friendship and passion, affection and romance
brotherhood and motherhood, a fleeting glance

A moment of insanity or plain humanity
it’s all of that and much much more

That’s what it is
This thing called Love.

Linking to ABC Wednesday the brainchild of the wonderful Mrs Nesbitt for the letter L.

Of course L has to be for ‘Love’

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14 Replies to “This thing called love”

  1. Life is nothing without love. Love conquers all difficulties. Very comforting poem! Thanks for sharing.
    Easter is the celebration of love of mankind.
    Happy weekend.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  2. Hi Tulika,
    It is wonderful to LOVE and to be LOVED.
    When I had my three daughters I thought I couldn't LOVE any more,
    then our 4 grandchildren arrived and it was LOVE at first sight, all over again.
    When they tell me how much they LOVE me, my heart sings with joy. or LOVE actually!

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

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