The challenge

The challenge

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The prospect of the challenge excited her. She had dreamt about it for days and she was prepared. She would be pitted against vicious veterans, she knew that.  But then, she was no amateur herself. If they were the best, she was better. She sat, all senses heightened, sharpening her claws.

It was Sale season!

 It’s day 5 at the Marathon Bloggers Drabble Week and today’s topic was ‘Claws’
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25 Replies to “The challenge”

  1. hahaha. Reminds me of a really funny scene in a Tamil movie! There is this very fat woman who faints in a fitness class. The coach doesn't know how to revive her because she's too heavy to lift. Then he gets a brilliant idea. He brings a megaphone and announces a sale in a jewelry shop and she's up and running in a trice!

    1. Well first of all Get up so early in morning , I thought I ws clever to be there at 4am.. only to find a long queue and people had CAMPED all night in front of the shop..

      Also when I got the chance to enter it was chaos people were going CRAZY.. just putting everything in the bag.. how can you od that .. I had to see , choose and check size.. by the time i did all that my choices would go πŸ™ …

      and then in the end I bought a nice jacket it was reduced from 200pounds to 60 pounds.. and then the same again to pay.. Stand in a Queue.. it took me hour and half to PAY πŸ™‚

      although its a bargain but I am lazy and dont have patience so never again πŸ™

      there you go now you know the story πŸ™‚ actually i have some pics i will put them on my blog .. people just went crazy… I did not see the need ..


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