Every once in a while…

Every once in a while…

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Her first
smile, his first look,
her first
turn, his first tooth,
her first
word, his first bite,
The first
step they ever took.
Running for
the camera, reaching for the phone.. yes she said ‘Mama’, yeah he walked
on his own.
You should
see him kick that ball! 
She’s cycling after many a fall.
Digging into
a French toast he made on his own, amazed at that rangoli she did alone.
Each moment,
each day I watch them grow and yet every
once in a while
I stop and think

‘When did
they grow up I didn’t even blink?’

Linking to Write Tribe Saturday -6 for the prompt ‘Every Once in a while’

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21 Replies to “Every once in a while…”

  1. This was such a beautiful post, could completely relate to it given that my lil girl is all of 2 yrs old and I didn't even realize the time fly by…

  2. Yeah sometimes I feel time's moving too fast. Suddenly the kids say or do something so grownup I have to take note.. even while their baby pictures are so clear in your head.

  3. So true, every time I look at my kids I am amazed how big they have gotten. When did that happen? I wish I could keep them little forever, but unfortunately that doesn't work. They grow up and away. It boggles the mind how quickly time passes.

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