Blog-a-prompt Day 6 – No

Blog-a-prompt Day 6 – No

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No? What’s No?
Meet my nephew, all of 6, who doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘No’
even if he’s told again…

…and again…

….and again….

….and again…

….and yet again.

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7 Replies to “Blog-a-prompt Day 6 – No”

  1. @Uma: Ha ha.. just as all mums are the same all boys are made from the same stuff too.
    @Aparna: Thanks 🙂
    @Shilpa: No .. just happeed to find them.
    @Jandy: You too.. lolz. I'd heard of the 'terrible twos' but the twos ended five years back, things are still the same here.

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