Happy Vijayadashami

Happy Vijayadashami

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Celebrating the victory of good over evil
Hrit’s the artist here…

… and this is Naisha’s.
I was wondering why Ram would wink at Ravana just before killing him.
But apparently he’s taking aim.

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20 Replies to “Happy Vijayadashami”

  1. What lovely artwork by Hrit and Naisha.. this aspect is not something my kids have much exposure to, with navaratri being more the focus here at home. Must remember for next year :).

    Happy Dussehra to you too!

  2. WOW! Beautiful paintings by Hrit and Naisha… The Ravan of Naisha is so cute 🙂 Your observation for Ram was hilarious btw 😀

    Happy (Belated) Dushhera to you and your family 🙂

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