The orange season

The orange season

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This week’s Thursday Challenge : ORANGE (Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers, Leaves, Clothing,…)
It’s Diwali and orange is the colour of the season… marigolds, diyas, rangolis.
Isn’t it one of the most cheerful colours ever? Our home is almost all orange this season as you can see in my last post … orange sheets, orange clothes and loads of orange flowers.
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7 Replies to “The orange season”

  1. Wow. The colours look so bright!!!

    Regarding Ra One, I too think that it would appeal more to kids, particularly, boys.

    My wife and daughter watched it on net (it is available on Chinese sites) and my wife said it was too much about gaming and all that virtual.

    I had read so much negative about it that I was prepared for the worst. Perhaps, that's why I felt it was not that bad.

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