Back with flowers

Back with flowers

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Back after a long gap… and what better way than through Shruti’s Artsy Craftsy Challenge. Flowers it is.. I’d been promising Naisha that we’d make egg-carton flowers but had been putting it off for ages… months actually. I can’t begin to count how many cartons I’ve kept for weeks and then thrown out. Finally today since it was a a rainy day we planned not to go down to play and did this instead. The neighbour’s daughter joined us while Hrit was dispatched to the neighbour’s house (in exchange!) so we could work in peace. What fun.

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6 Replies to “Back with flowers”

  1. @Smitha, CreativeMama: Not really brilliant/innovative. In fact I was sure someone would have put it up at Shruti's for sure. But it IS fun and easy and Naisha could do the whole thing all by herself, which is such a high for her.
    @MM: Will surely look it up but you know my luck with giveaways

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